You ever feel like everything and nothing is happening at once?

So, I’ve started new meds for stomach pain and anxiety. My doc told me the drugs I’m taking for RA are eating my stomach lining, and that’s triggering anxiety, so two new meds.


Luckily, they seem to be working. It’s just more drugs that I have to remember. It feels like I’m falling apart like an old car some days. I’d like my cyborg body now, please.

I’m still hard at work on the sequel to Paladins of the Storm Lord, which is on schedule to release in May. Before then, if you’re in Austin or Las Vegas in April, we can catch up. I’ll be at the Lone Star LesFic conference and the Romantic Times convention.

The LesFic conference is shaping up to be quite an event. AND they’ll have pre-release copies of Paladins, so you have to come to that. Check out all the deets on their Facebook page.

And now I’m off to get some tacos. Anyone else?

4 thoughts on “You ever feel like everything and nothing is happening at once?

  1. It may not be long before you can get your cyborg body. Seems more sci-fi is trying to become science-now.

    Make sure to have a great time at your conventions 🙂

  2. I’ve been cyborging it for years now. Even my eyes have implants. 🙂
    Sorry you’ve had to deal with so much pain–and even more drugs. That’s a slippery slope in itself.
    Good luck at your cons. Being around people should lift your spirits at least. Take care, hon.

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