Widows of the Sun-Moon Cast

Warning! Some of these descriptions contain spoilers for Paladins of the Storm Lord. I recommend you read that book first before Widows of the Sun-Moon.

Paladins and Residents of Gale

Brown, Jen – Captain of the paladins.

Carmichael, Linda – Deceased captain of the paladins, Liam Carmichael’s mother.

Clemensky – Private in the paladins.

Edwina Trelawney – Purveyor of the Pickled Prog bar.

Evan Tracey – The Storm Lord’s son.

Higaroshi – The human ambassador to the drushka.

Jania Carruthers Ross, aka Roshkikan – Cordelia’s ancestor, a woman who studied the drushka 200 years before the events in this book.

Lea, Jon – Lieutenant in the paladins.

Paul Ross – Deceased mayor of Gale, Cordelia Ross’s uncle.


Ex-Paladins and Renegades

Blake – Paul Ross’s former assistant.

Carter – Former private in the paladins.

Cordelia Sa Ross – Former lieutenant in the paladins, Paul Ross’s niece.

Jacobs – Former private in the paladins.

Katey – Paul Ross’s former housekeeper.

Liam Carmichael – Former lieutenant in the paladins, Linda Carmichael’s son.

Little Paul – Reach’s adopted son.

Preston – Former sergeant in the paladins.


Drushka (DROOSH kuh)

Daishi (DIE-shee) – The seventh drushkan queen.

Enka – An agent of the Shi

Nata  – An agent of the Shi.

Nettle, aka Ashki  (ASH kee) – A hunt leader of Pool’s drushka.

Pool, aka Anushi (uh NOO shee) Queen – Queen of the renegade drushka. Anushi refers to both Pool and her tree, the smallest tree of the nine drushkan queens.

Reach – The drushkan ambassador to Gale.

Shi (SHEE) – Supreme queen of the old drushka. Shi refers to both the woman and the tree, the largest tree of the nine drushkan queens.

Shiv, aka Usha (YOU shuh) – Pool’s daughter, a Queen-to-be.

Smile – One of Pool’s drushka.

Thesta – An agent of the Shi.

Usk (OOSK) – A hunt leader of the Shi.

Usta – A stubborn vine.

The Former Satellite Pantheon

Aaron – A breachies. Telepathic and micro psychokinetic

Christian, Charles, aka the Sun – Lieutenant on the Atlas, dual god of the Sun-Moon worshipers, telepathic and pyrokinetic.

Dillon Tracey, aka the Storm Lord – Colonel in Pross Co., god of Gale, electrokinetic.

Dué (DO a), Patricia, aka Naos (NEY os) – Co-Pilot on the Atlas, god of the plains-dwellers, multi-talented.

Kenneth – A breachie.

Lazlo, Simon – Botanist and biologist for Pross Co., micro-psychokinetic.

Lessan (leh SAHN), Amy – Navigator on the Atlas.

Lisa – A breachie. Telepathic.

Marie Martin, aka the Contessa – Requisitions officer on the Atlas, god of the Deliquois Islanders, telepathic, and the leader of the breachies.

Marlowe, Meredith, aka the Moon – Lieutenant on the Atlas, dual god of the Sun-Moon worshipers, telepathic and macro-psychokinetic.

Yafanai (YAH fuh nigh) and Former Yafanai

Caroline Gerard – Telepathic, the Storm Lord’s lover.

Freddie – Lydia’s deceased assistant and lover.

Horace Adair – Telepathic, micro-psychokinetic. Now a renegade.

Kessy – Micro-psychokinetic.

Leila – Micro-psychokinetic.

Lydia Bauer – Prophetic. Now a renegade.

Marcus – Telepathic.

Natalya Conti – Macro and micro-psychokinetic. Left Gale.

Samira Zaidi – Macro-psychokinetic. Left Gale.

Stephan – Telepathic.

Will – Micro-psychokinetic.

Sun-Moon Worshipers

Fajir (Fah-YEAR) – A seren (Sair-EN), or captain, in the palace guard. A widow whose partner has died.

Halaan (Huh-LAAN) – Fajir’s dead partner.

Nico – A widow, Fajir’s second in command.

Plains dwellers and Their Clans

Clauda – A deceased plains dweller.

Kora – A young plains dweller girl of the Miri (MEER-EE) Clan.

Lanet – A chafa (CHA-fuh), or chief, of the Nevan Clan.

Lilian – A plains dweller.

Mamet (MAM-et) – A 19 year old member of the Engali (En-GALL-lee) Clan.

Onin – Chafa of the Svenal (SVEN-all) Clan.

Pakesh (Puh-KESH) – A young man in the Svenal Clan.

Sheila – A young woman in the Svenal Clan.

Shufu (SHOO-foo) – A young boy in the Miri Clan.

Wuran (Wer-ANN) – Chafa of the Uri Clan.

Yuve (YOO-vay) – Chafa of the Engali Clan.


Deliquois (DEH-lee-qwah) Islanders

Ap – Shaman of the Deliquois.

Et – A friend to Ap.


Jack – Patricia Dué’s fiance on earth.