The World of Farraday and Allusia (Katya and Starbride)



Under this tab, you’ll find the cast lists for the Katya and Starbride novels, as well as some interesting tidbits that I’ve gathered together.

The Pyramid Waltz cast

For Want of a Fiend cast *SPOILERS*

A Kingdom Lost cast *SPOILERS*

The Fiend Queen cast *SPOILERS*

Horsestrong sayings

The Allusians have a wise figure in their history that supposedly said a lot of wise stuff. Here’s the collected Horsestrong sayings from the pyramid series, some of which never got used:

A servant’s footsteps are made of shadows.

You have the right road, but the wrong end.

Pride is a comfortable shackle.

An un-trusted servant is a jar with no bottom.

Different perspectives help make a clear portrait.

You can’t beat a man back to work.

As long as we have each other, what sorrow can truly capture us?

Every ‘if’ is a hole in the road.

He who tries for perfection will sooner catch the sun.

Words are water, only as firm as the container that holds them.

Rarely is someone a leader because he’s best at anything but being a leader.

We could not seek the truth if we did not question all that surrounds us.

No news could mean good news.

Surround yourself with friends who surprise you, and the enemy will never catch you off guard.

Spend too much time in comfortable furs and lose your way out of them.

Time is the balm that heals all wounds.

The past is a horse dead and buried. Why dig up what you can no longer ride?

Knowledge is a guide, not a destination.

Time is the enemy of pain.

There are deeds one can never come back from.



The Umbriel family tree:

Katya's family tree


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