The World of Calamity (Godfall novels)

Under this tab, you’ll find the cast lists for the Godfall novels, as well as some interesting tidbits that I’ve gathered together.

Paladins of the Storm Lord cast (with pronunciations)

Widows of the Sun-Moon cast (spoilers!)

Some drushkan terms

Ahwa, ahya (ah WA, ah YAW) – Negative and affirmative, respectively. When combined with yes or no, it is used to add emphasis and can mean “of course.” (I didn’t set out to eat all the cookies, but ahya, I did it anyway.)

Ashki (ASH kee) – A spiny swamp plant.

Chanuka (cha NOO kuh) – Mud people, boggins. Ka, meaning “people,” is added to the name of any creature who eats meat.

Hoshpi (HOSH pee) – A large swamp insect, source of Paladin leather as well as meat and mead for Gale.

Joora (JOOR uh) – A swamp bird.

Sa (SAH) – Rain.

Saleska (sa LESS kuh) – Water people, progs.

Shawness (shaw NESS) – Drushkan healer, plural is shawnessi (shaw NESS ee).

Shi (SHEE) – Tree, life, and a great many things. Title of the largest of the drushkan queens, the leader of all drushka.

Shi’a’na (SHEE ah naw) – Mother or father. Literally “life of me” or “beginning of me.” Plural is shi’a’nai (SHEE ah nigh).

Usha (YOU shuh) – A small blade.

Yafanai (YAH fuh nigh) powers

Electrokinesis – The ability to manipulate charged particles, controlling weather systems or creating electricity. Dillon Tracey is the only known electrokinetic.

Macro-psychokinesis – The power to manipulate larger objects. Often called “hurlers,” most macro-psychokinetics can throw larger objects rather than move smaller ones with the delicate touch of a micro-psychokinetic. However, with practice, many macro-psychokinetics can learn to move larger objects slowly.

Micro-psychokinesis – The power to manipulate objects on a cellular level. Micro-psychokinetics are often healers, and powerful ones like Simon Lazlo can prevent people from aging.

Prophecy – The ability to predict the future while being unable to change it.

Pyrokinesis – The ability to create and control heat.

Telepathy – The power to communicate mind-to-mind and to read the minds of others. Telepaths are known to employ telepathic “shields” to keep from randomly reading the surface thoughts of others. Reading deeper thoughts requires an active use of power that is detectable by other telepaths and those who are sensitive to power use.