All the crushing things!

I feel like I’ve got a lot going on in my life right now, and it’s adding up to this general sense of anxiety that’s been plaguing me for a few weeks. In the past I’ve experienced something similar, and only time + a lessening of stress has fixed it. I hope that comes soon.

I’m still writing, though! Trying to fight through it. If anyone has any good tips for dealing with stress, I’d love to hear ’em.

8 thoughts on “All the crushing things!

  1. I should be a poster child for stress but alas, I have no quick fixes. When things get too hard, sometimes getting extra sleep helps. Sleep does not come easy to me though, which forces me to take a sleeping pill. Three nights of good solid rest is usually enough to turn me around.
    My biggest problem is the long term type of stress–the kind you know plans to hang around for months at a time. Nothing I do seems to help that other than temporarily distracting myself.

    Sorry you’re going through a rough patch.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    You asked if anyone had good tips about dealing with stress I do not know if mine are good but these are the ones that help me. I have a debilitating disease and the stress of the constant pain and sickness is overwhelming. So these are a few things that help me cope. 1. Reading, losing myself in a different life and place keeps me sane.
    2. Yoga/Stretching, You do not have to know yoga poses but the stretching of the muscles helps in releasing the toxins that build up due to stress plus help relax your muscles relieving tension. 3. When I am so overwhelmed and have zero control this helps me the best. I darken my bedroom then lay down and I just start talking out loud about what is wrong to god (or whatever your beliefs are even if it is to a pillow) after awhile I fall asleep (not even realizing it) and when I wake up I do feel better.
    I hope this helps or does not sound too crazy. Good luck to you.

  3. Tips to deal with stress – I’m actually learning that rest is the best. But the rest is best after a good stretching session to channel some of that out of sorts energy out of your body.

  4. I do something completely different, which is usually sitting on my butt writing πŸ™‚ … but not too stressful. I go for a walk, sit in a chair in the backyard in the sun and do NOTHING for 15-20 minutes, etc.

    As with all these things, your mileage may vary. πŸ˜€

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