Cast lists and a near miss

Published July 16, 2014 by barbaraannwright

It’s been an odd couple of weeks here at my house. I’m struggling with joint pain, but luckily, my doctor thinks it’s viral arthritis instead of rheumatoid which is a very lucky thing. I know people who live with RA, and while I feel greatly for them, I don’t want to join their ranks.

In fits and starts, I’ve been working on cast lists for all my books, updating each one so that it reflects the characters at the start of that particular book. I’ve got The Pyramid Waltz and For Want of a Fiend done. Those tabs are at the top of this page. Now when people are lost about who a particular person is, they can just come to my page and have a look-see. Do check them out and let me know if I’ve missed anyone. Accidents happen. I’ll have tabs for A Kingdom Lost and The Fiend Queen up soon.

I hope everyone can come see me at ArmadilloCon on July 25-27. Here’s where to find me at the con:

Protecting the Indigenous Tribes Fri 8:00 PM-9:00 PM Room E Maresca*, Compton, Wright Indigenous peoples confront a diverse range of concerns. What should be done to ensure their existence?

40 Years of D&D Fri 9:00 PM-10:00 PM Room F Benjamin*, Finn, Maresca, Marmell, Sarath, Wright How did D&D inspire authors?

Build the Perfect Thief Sat 11:00 AM-Noon Room E Finn*, de Orive, Foster, Sheridan Rose, Sullivan, Wright Thieves can make delightful characters, but what does it take to create a great thief? Brad Foster will make an accompanying drawing to be sold for charity.

Gothic Novels of the 1800s Sat Noon-1:00 PM Room F Sarath*, Cheney, Jones, Swendson, Wright Discussion of how gothic novels came to be and which stories can still hold up today.

Reading Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Southpark A Wright

Evil Characters Sat 10:00 PM-11:00 PM Room D Denton*, Acevedo, Marmell, Rountree, Stufflebeam, Wright Discussing the best evil characters in history.

Are You My Mummy? Sat 11:00 PM-Midnight Room D Webb*, McDonald, Waldrop, Wright I want more mummy stories! Why aren’t they being written? Are there any good ones out there?

I hope you can make it out to this great event. These panels are bound to be very entertaining. And don’t worry about that reading hour. I plan to do a humorous talk about dealing with rejection and probably how to sell books with Barbies. And I will have new swag to give away.

Anyone else planning to go to an event? Anyone else heard of cast lists on websites? I hear that’s the new thing, and you know how I like to jump on a bandwagon.

Denver Pride!

Published June 25, 2014 by barbaraannwright

So, first, my space at the table was all like:

21 books and a pile o' swag.

21 books and a pile o’ swag.

And by 5:00, I was like:

Only a copy of For Want of a Fiend left, and a little bit of swag

Only a copy of For Want of a Fiend left, and a little bit of swag

But by 5:30, I was totally:



The rest of the swag trickled away on Sunday, but the books sold out in one day. I couldn’t believe it. People in Denver want lesbian books, yo.

We had a blast of a time, not too hot, just a little humid in parts. Met some colorful characters:


Found my next car:

I'm going to get lots of tickets.

I’m going to get lots of tickets.

Saw walking condoms in the parade:

In a rainbow of colors, yes, literally

In a rainbow of colors, yes, literally

And our booth was by some strange statuary, but then again, all of Denver has some strange statues. Read the conspiracies about the Denver airport sometime:

Instead of a tiny horse on a huge chair, that's a life-sized horse on an enormous chair

Instead of a tiny horse on a huge chair, that’s a life-sized horse on an enormous chair

I even saw my book on the shelves at Barnes and Noble downtown:



We laughed we cried, we went to bed at 10pm because we were exhausted. Thank you, Denver, we had a wonderful time. :) An extra special shout-out to my friends, David Slayton and Erin Kennemer for helping me pimp books. Lots of those sales were directly attributable to you.

How many of you attend Pride events or anywhere with bookseller tents? Have you ever bought or sold books there?

Goin to Denver

Published June 12, 2014 by barbaraannwright

Who’s ready for Denver Pride! It’s at the Civic Center Park, June 21st and 22nd. The Bold Strokes booth will be behind the Center Stage (with a whole lot of other vendors), just around the corner from the VIP pavilion. We’ll have some wonderful swag, a lot of great books, and a buy one, get one free offer featuring some wonderful BSB titles. I hope to see ya there!

Liz McMullen’s pride blog, Denver Pride, and Armadillocon

Published June 2, 2014 by barbaraannwright

And all the cons I’ve loved befoooore…

Boy, am I everywhere.

Firstly, I’m guest blogging today on the Liz McMullen Show during her June Pride Blog. I’m talking about writing a trans character as part of my new project, but because I still love Katya and Starbride, you can enter to win one of their books!

But where can you see me in person, you ask? How about the Denver Pride festival, June 21st-22nd. I’ll be one of five Bold Strokes authors manning a booth and selling loot! We’ll also have plenty of swag to share, so if you’re nearby, stop in or we’ll collapse into tears. :(

If you refuse to see me anywhere but Austin, try ArmadilloCon, August 21st-22nd. You can find my full schedule under the Participant Index. There’s a lot of cool talks this year, plus a Dealer’s Room, Art Show, Charity Auction, and much more.

I hope some of you can make it to one of these. Even if you can’t, we’ll forever be internet buddies. Speaking of the internets, have you heard of #OutWriters on Twitter? It’s a way LGBT writers (like me) and fans are currently connecting. Join in the conversation and say why you love LGBT fiction.

Pics of Saints and Sinners in New Orleans

Published May 23, 2014 by barbaraannwright

First, some pics!

 John Morgan Wilson, Michael Thomas Ford, me, David Holly and Rob Byrnes

John Morgan Wilson, Michael Thomas Ford, me, David Holly and Rob Byrnes

Here’s me doing the genre panel. We lamented the closing of bookstores as a way to get the word out about new LGBT fiction. The moderator asked if we described our books using genre terms. Some opposed the idea of genres altogether. Some said they never tried to pitch to anyone outside of the LGBT community. I said that I pitch my book to anyone I think might read it but that I describe it differently to different groups of people. If I know my potential audience is gay, I throw the lesbians right out there. If I suspect they aren’t, I start with the idea that it’s fantasy and add the lesbians in slowly, like flour to homemade frosting.

Here’s me reading:

I had the only lesbian fantasy there

I had the only lesbian fantasy there

I read the pirate fight scene from A Kingdom Lost. I don’t know if anyone was moved.

Here are some New Orleans pics. If you’ve never been there and are thinking of going, just remember that the French Quarter is noisy at all times of the year. Bourbon Street is party central, as we heard clearly from our 15th floor hotel room, one whole street away.

The beautiful (if very noisy) Hotel Monteleone.

The beautiful (if very noisy) Hotel Monteleone.

The bar (also noisy) inside of Monteleone

The bar (also noisy) inside of Monteleone

Bourbon Street, where the noise comes from

Bourbon Street, where the noise comes from

Bourbon is full of bachelor and bachelorette parties, frats of dude-bros, and flocks of woo-girls. Not my scene.

What was my scene was my fab birthday party complete with dogs in party hats:



As you can see, they needed a little cajoling. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. You guys are the best.

What has everyone else been up to? Any New Orleans stories you care to share?

p.s. I added some Horsestrong sayings to the Worlds tab at the top of this page, just in case you were curious.

I like to pretend it’s not a regular occurence

Published May 14, 2014 by barbaraannwright

But I often don’t have anything to blog about! Still hard at work, still out hustling A Kingdom Lost. I can tell you again where to find me at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival.

Saturday, May 17
1 PM
A label like “gay writer” or “LGBT fiction” can be both a blessing and a curse — vital in promoting our work and reaching a core LGBT readership, but also classifying and possibly confining us by our sexuality. Genres and sub-genres like lesbian romance, gay men’s mystery, and LGBT horror can further narrow how our fiction is publicly presented and perceived. In a time of increasing assimilation, audience fragmentation, and expanding publishing formats, are these labels helpful or harmful? Do they damage a queer author trying to tap a broader reader base? Are these niche categories outdated, or more important than ever to our literary survival? And what are the options?
Panelists: Rob Byrnes, Michael Thomas Ford, S. Chris Shirley, and Barbara Ann Wright.
Moderator: John Morgan Wilson.
Hotel Monteleone, Royal Salon B

Sunday, May 18
11:30 AM
Festival authors debut their latest works in our annual reading series. Expect to be entertained, engaged and thrilled by the written word read out loud by authors Mary A. Celeste, Kevin Klehr, Jeff Mann, Ron J. Suresha, Shawn Syms, Jerry Wheeler, and Barbara Ann Wright.
Sponsored by The John Burton Harter Charitable Trust.
Hotel Monteleone, Cabildo Room

I’m looking forward to it in a big way! I’m also looking forward to my birthday, which is on the 19th. I love birthdays…

On a personal note, does anyone have a pet that is losing/has lost their sight? My oldest dog has diabetes, and her cataracts are now so bad she runs into things. It’s really bumming her out. We’re helping all we can to guide her around, but I know she’s kind of depressed no matter how many times we cuddle her. Our vet said she would get used to it and use her other senses to compensate, and she’s doing that a little, but it breaks my heart every time she runs into a wall. Does anyone have any tips?

Daisy, my poor diabetic dog

Daisy, my poor diabetic dog


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