Very Sharp Teeth

Paladins of the Storm Lord 300 DPICome see me at the Bold Strokes Author’s blog where I’m talking about how I came up with the aliens at the heart of Paladins of the Storm Lord! Hint, it has to do with sharp teeth. ๐Ÿ™‚

It also has to do with never giving up, a topic close to my heart.

And if you want to see me in person and ask me about it, I’ll be at the Jewel Book Club in Dallas on Tuesday, May 17th!

Anyone else love book clubs?


Bold Strokes Books Camp!

Last week, my publisher, Bold Strokes Books, hosted a writers’ retreat in upstate New York at Easton Mountain Lodge.

I call her Speedy.

I call her Speedy.

Together me and my intrepid, tiny rental car (not really an intrepid) groaned up hills and valleys for some spectacular views.

There were breakout sessions filled with helpful information, hours with no events so we could write or read or hang out, and wonderful lunches and dinners provided by the hard working volunteers at Easton.









Did I mention the views? The fields and hills stretched far into the distance. There were deer, beavers, geese, even a bear! Thankfully, the bear only appeared outside a car window and not in anyone’s cabin.

I received some much-needed encouragement and a clear direction of where I want my novel to go from here. I needed this trip more than I knew.

Say what you want about big versus small publishing, I don’t know many publishers that would offer their writers an experience like this. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new. (The Facebook friend requests have been flying.) I wrote about 5000 new words and finished two books.



All in all, it was a wonderful, inspiring experience!




The bunkhouse I shared with Jennifer Lavoie and Juliann Rich.


Guest rooms at Easton Mountain.


The kitchen


Breakout session room.


Have you ever been on a writing retreat? Were you inspired?


Happy Bookiversary!

A year ago today, Bold Strokes Books published my first novel, The Pyramid Waltz!

Now I’m working on the fourth book, the end of the series, and it’s been quite a ride. I’ve been to Sci-Fi and literary conferences. I’ve been to Provincetown, Mass to Palm Springs, Cali, all hawking this book and its brethren. I’ve done internet radio and blog tours and spoken at writing groups and done signings.

It’s been a helluva year. ^_^ I’m tired but happy, and I’m not done yet.

I hope you’ll join me this Friday night at 7pm central on Cocktail Hour where I’ll be talking about the books, Barbie trailers, and whatever else the Cocktail crew wants to ask me about.

After that, I’ll be taking a short blog hiatus, returning here in three weeks. In the meantime, you can also find me at Fen Con on October 4-6.

Anything anyone want to know about marketing? All questions will be answered at least semi-truthfully.

A review and where to find me next

First off, a great new review for For Want of a Fiend at The Lesbrary!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you saw me beg for reviews, so I’ll do it here, too. If you’ve read The Pyramid Waltz or For Want of a Fiend, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or whatever online sites you use. Thanks so much!

As for where to find me next, I’ll be hanging with Broad Universe at LoneStarCon, also know as WorldCon! You can find me throughout the con at the dealers room and also doing a reading on Sunday morning. More details to come as the date draws closer.

Where can I find you?

GCLS pics

GCLS is an enormous conference. It wasn’t the first I’ve attended with a lot of people, nor was it the biggest con I’ve ever been to, but it was my largest lesbian conference, and that made it an exciting, hilarious, easy-to-get-lost sort of experience.

At the awards ceremony. GLITTER.

At the awards ceremony. GLITTER.

Exciting because I met a lot of people I’ve only known online, like the gang from Cocktail Hour Productions:


Hilarious because I got to hang out with people I’ve met before:

VK Powell, me, and Yvonne Heidt

VK Powell, me, and Yvonne Heidt

The BSB gang

The BSB gang

And because I brought Princess Katya from my book trailers. Everyone wanted to meet her.

Like Dana Scully:

Totally feeling that leg

Totally feeling that leg

Linda Kay Silva’s Alan:



And it was easy to get lost because not many people knew who the hell I was:

Where's Barbara Ann?

Where’s Barbara Ann?

Being lost in the crowd was both a blessing and a curse. I made some new fans and met some great people, but I’m not a sure hand at introducing myself to strangers, so a lot of times I sat and just enjoyed people watching. I’m afraid I didn’t get a lot of marketing done, but I did have an excellent time just watching the ladies stroll by. ^_^

How did the weekend go for everyone else?

p.s. I didn’t win, but I didn’t really care. ^_^ Go here for a list of BSB winners and here for the full list of all Goldie winners.

Long post is long

But it has pics! Let’s jump in.

First, the news. The Pyramid Waltz is a finalist in the 2013 Goldie Awards now as well as the 2012 Foreword Book of the Year Awards! (I think it’s awesome the way they use different years. ^_^)

I’m over the freakin’ moon, y’all. And that’s not all.

One, two, squee!

One, two, squee!

Got my contributor copies of For Want of a Fiend! If you’d like an ebook, the BSB website in the link there is the best place to shop. You won’t have to wait until mid-May to get it. You can has on May 1st! And if you’re lucky enough to be a member of the Dallas Jewel LesFic Book Club, you might have it even sooner. ^_^ I’ll be there Tuesday, April 16th!

Here’s the ad:

April 16 – Tuesday- Jewel Lesbian Fiction Book Club โ€“ Author Barbara Ann Wright will join us in person at book club to discuss โ€œThe Pyramid Waltzโ€.
Princess Katya is a lay-about and a romancer, or is she? Are her nights spent as the court suspects or is she trying to find those that plot against the kingdom? Will Starbride obey her mother and find a suitor or will she succumb to the charms of Katya? Come to book club and letโ€™s find out.

We meet at Ilume at 4123 Cedar Springs from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Parking is available on the street, but watch for the No Parking signs.

I hope you can make it!

Promised AggieCon pics!

Giving a talk alongside Erin Ewer

Giving a talk alongside Erin Ewer

Digging in my bag beside (from left) David Liss and Ernest Cline.

Digging in my bag beside (from left) David Liss and Ernest Cline.

Cracking up on another panel.

Cracking up on another panel.

I will tell you the names of the people in the last panel as soon as I can find my program. I don’t want to misspell anyone…

So, lots of panels, lots of laughs. I was in one more, but it was too packed for pics. I enjoy cracking people up.

And here’s some pics from last weekend’s LoneStar LesFic!

Mah book on display

Mah book on display

They sold out of my book… ^_______________^ Also, someone nabbed that bookmark that’s in front of the book! This was the first con where someone asked to take a pic with me. *swoon*

Cracking up at dinner with VK Powell, Julie Cannon, Yvonne Heidt, and the back of Melissa Brayden

Cracking up at dinner with VK Powell, Julie Cannon, Yvonne Heidt, and the back of Melissa Brayden

Reading with Carsen Taite, Robin Summers, and Shelley Thrasher

Reading with Carsen Taite, Robin Summers, and Shelley Thrasher

Having a fun dinner with Carsen Taite and Ali Vali

Having a fun dinner with Carsen Taite and Ali Vali

Yes, I know all those names. *whispers* They beat us if we don’t.

Not true.

So, lots of panels, lots of laughs, books sold and signed, and ZOMG, I’m so thankful for my life. *happy sigh*

Are any of you going to come see me at all?

Palm Springs!

Yeah, I know. I’ve been back for a week, but I had to put the finishing touches on For Want of a Fiend. We want it to come out on time, after all.

So Palm Springs is very gorgeous, as you might have guessed. And even though it’s in the desert, it didn’t get that hot while I was there.

The palms from the name

The palms from the name

Mountains mountains everywhere

Mountains mountains everywhere

For some reason, I thought the event was going to be indoors, though, so I brought all the wrong clothes. If I had anyone taking pics of me, I’d be the one in slacks. (The primary reason I didn’t have anyone taking pics of me, btw.)

Here’s a shot from inside Casitas Laquita, where most of the festival was held:

See? Shorts and tank tops. Sigh.

See? Shorts and tank tops. Sigh.

It was one of the only times I’ve had to use a microphone to speak. Even then, I think I could have made myself heard without it. I’m loud, y’all.

The panels were wonderful. I made a lot of jokes, but because of the microphone, had to depend on people telling me later whether the jokes landed or not. With the mic, I couldn’t hear anything but my own voice. I heard some very interesting excerpts, too, books that went right to the top of my reading list.

We did a wonderful skit where I got to play Princess Katya and wear this paper bag mask. I hope it shows up online somewhere.

I'm keeping it forever and ever

I’m keeping it forever and ever

And here's the back

And here’s the back

If ever it shows up, you’ll get a link. The artwork was by the fabulous Lisa Girolami.

I got to sign a few books, too, including this one that I spied waiting on someone’s lap:

Palm Springs book

Best of all, while waiting at another panel from the audience, a lady asked the organizer when MY next book was coming out. The organizer said, “Why don’t you ask her? She’s right behind you.” ^__^ I got a kick out of her surprise, even though my mouth was full of doughnut at the time. We spoke later and I got to meet her daughter and hear how much they liked The Pyramid Waltz. Sigh. A feather could have carried me away.

All of Palm Springs is very open, even the airport. The gates and security area are covered, but the concourse and hallways are open to the sky.

It looks like some street, but that's inside the airport

It looks like some street, but that’s inside the airport

Your way to the gates is all outside.

Your way to the gates is all outside.

I’m guessing it doesn’t rain there so often that ducking into cover is much of a problem. It is the desert, after all. All the open air makes it a great place for blooming plants and for fauna to sneak into the gate areas, especially in the Sonny Bono concourse.

A little shelter from any rain, but not much.

A little shelter from any rain, but not much.

My new bestie

My new bestie

All the sunshine and greenery made the employees of the Palm Springs airport the absolute friendliest airport employees I have ever met. They were kind and courteous and seemed to really enjoy their jobs. They weren’t suspicious or angry, didn’t seem overworked or snappish, like some airport employees I’ve encountered. And their good attitudes brightened the day of the passengers. I had no idea how quickly my irritation at the long lines and security would lighten just by being treated with friendliness from the employees. Unlike in many airports I’ve been in, these people weren’t afraid to smile.

And that’s my love letter to the Palm Springs airport.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, except the part where I came home with a cold. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m getting better, though, never fear, ready to get back to work on the third Pyramid novel and also a super secret short story, which you’ll be hearing more about shortly. Stay tuned to find out where you can find me next! Hint: It’s Aggiecon. Okay, that’s more than a hint. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just a reminder…

About Palm Springs!

questions 1

You’ll be seeing me talk about other worlds, romance, and do a readings from The Pyramid Waltz and For Want of a Fiend. I might even give away some spoilers…

Like who this guy is ^_^

Like who this guy is ^_^

It’s gonna be a wild time.



So do come out and say hello. Seriously, do. I hate eating alone.

That's probably me that brought that giant cheese.

That’s probably me that brought that giant cheese.

Warm Bodies, Palm Springs (yes, again!) and a bit of randomness

Went to see Warm Bodies with the Ross today. It’s the perfect romantic movie for weirdos like us. Zombie meets girl but in the cutest, most humorous way possible. I highly recommend it, but if someone could tell me the reason why the military left the city, I’d appreciate it. That part had me a little lost, though I thought the rest was pretty perfect.

In just a week, I will be in Palm Springs for the Bold Strokes Books festival. Please come and see me for signings, readings, and panels on Other Worlds, the Art of Romance (which I’ll be moderating) and an author roundtable. I’ll go ahead and sweeten the pot by promising that the romance panel will probably degenerate into talking about porn. That’s the direction I’ll be steering it, anyway.

Now for the randomness:


Guaranteed drinks when Lady Gaga takes us out to eat.

Liberty Hill-Cedar Park-20130131-00051

A tough little plant I saw while out walking. It laughs at your man-made, mamby-pamby, roady-woadyness.


Apparently, Pinhead from Hellraiser has his own line of banana-nut muffins.

That’s it for now. Come and see me in Palm Springs or I’ll cry like the only My Little Pony without friends. *sniff*

Who else is hella busy right now?

Palm Springs so far

Everyone getting excited about the Bold Strokes Books Festival in Palm Springs, Thursday, February 28, to Sunday, March 3, 2013 at Casitas Laquita and the Palm Springs Public library!

There are many great authors going, but it’s my blog, so I’m gonna tell you where you can find me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Friday, March 1st:

At 12:30 to 1:45, I’ll be on a panel called Other Worlds where we’ll probably be talking about creating fantasy or sci-fi settings

From 1:45 to 3:00, I’ll be moderating a panel called The Art of Romance. It’s my first time as a moderator, so I pretty sure we’ll be talking about writing romance. Well, the authors will be talking, and I’ll be making pithy comments.

From 6:00 to 7:30, I’ll be participating in an author roundtable where I’ll read and answer questions about my book!

I’ll also be doing signings and mingling and if I’m lucky, eating food. I wouldn’t mind company at any of these things, so if you show up to Palm Springs, please come say hello. I hate mingling by myself.

Is anyone reading this actually planning to be there? If not, what the hell do you have that’s so pressing you can’t go to Palm Springs in February/March?!?!?!