Quick health update

My RA is playing merry havoc this week, friends. I had an allergic reaction to the infusion medicine on Monday, so now I have to wait a month to start something new.

Which means the pain is slowly creeping back, so my typing might become limited to my writing and the occasional update on social media. This means my posts here will probably be brief, but you will hear from me often, and I hope to hear from you, too.

Thank goodness it’s not just laziness this time!

Quick reminder

I’m busy with projects and most of all, being really freakin’ sick. Here’s a reminder, though, about where you can find me in April:

The Lone Star LesFic Festival! April 11th at the Norris Conference Center in Austin. There will be panels and group discussions and books galore! And me, which is the most important part. 😉 See you there!

Updating the page today

I’m spending today updating this page. I’m redoing the tabs at the top and fiddling with the links to the side. I’ll be back next week with plenty of updates. I signed a couple new contracts for new books with BSB, and I’m getting ready to do a cover release for Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory, which is my very next release. 🙂 See you then.

Goin to Denver

Who’s ready for Denver Pride! It’s at the Civic Center Park, June 21st and 22nd. The Bold Strokes booth will be behind the Center Stage (with a whole lot of other vendors), just around the corner from the VIP pavilion. We’ll have some wonderful swag, a lot of great books, and a buy one, get one free offer featuring some wonderful BSB titles. I hope to see ya there!

Carsen Taite’s SwitchBlade

So I did another trailer for a friend, fellow BSBer Carsen Taite, for SwitchBlade, due out on May 15th.

And here’s the link.

In another bit of awesome news, Kimmie G received her prize pack and sent me this lovely photo:

A whole shelf of BSB love!

A whole shelf of BSB love!

Kimmie G’s girlfriend is publishing a children’s book about dragons, too! So you’ll wanna check that out.

A Kingdom Lost came out officially yesterday, so if you were waiting to get your copy off another site like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo, now’s your chance! Still, Bold Strokes has that deal where you get 10% off on any order over $25. Just sayin’.

Happy Wednesday!

A Kingdom Lost trailer and an awesome giveaway!

Without further ado:

And here’s the link.

Now, to go along with this, I’m offering a giveaway! You could win these fabulous prizes.

Giveaway items

That’s a signed copy of A Kingdom Lost, two postcards, a bookmark, a button pack, and a keychain!

To enter, leave a comment on any of my own blog posts between now and April 8th. Or leave a comment on my guest blog at the Bold Stroke’s blog site on April 1st. Or leave a comment on my guest blog at Women And Words on April 8th. I will give you links again on the right days, don’t worry.

OR OR OR you can retweet any of my book-related tweets or share any of my book-related facebook announcements. Each book-related tweet and announcement will be marked with #bookrelease.

And the wonderful part is, every blog comment gets your name entered twice, every share or retweet gets it entered once, so you can enter multiple times. Only one entry per post or tweet or announcement, though. You CANNOT share the same post five times and get entered five times. This will only get you hated by your followers.

Contest ends April 9th at noon CST. I’ll announce the winner here. Good luck!

And we’re off!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your coming year will be filled with wonders and shiny things.

To all my writer friends, may your new year be filled with acceptance letters and bidding wars. May Hollywood turn all your works into movies and pay you all the money. To everyone else, I hope your dreams come true, too.

I’ll have new videos and lists of where you can find me in the coming year. You better fuckin’ show up this time!