Thrall Beyond Gold and Glory 300 DPIAs I work furiously on Coils, I have a few things to share. First of all, my September release, Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory is right around the corner. Stay tuned for giveaways, and come see me on the Bold Strokes Author’s blog on September 1st. Writing this book was quite the palate cleanser after ending the Katya and Starbride books. The world is grittier, but no less interesting (I hope.) ^_^ I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did writing it. I’m working on the trailer right now, so make sure you check back for that. It will be silly. Guaranteed.

Paladins of the Storm Lord 300 DPINext, I have a release date for the first novel in my sci-fi Godfall series, Paladins of the Storm Lord. It comes out May 2016! I can hardly wait for this one. It’s a story I started ages and ages ago. I remember scribbling in a notebook while I waited for a parade to start at Mardi Gras in the late 90’s when I was in college. I ended up writing a short story set in the same universe in 2003, and it got second place in the 2004 Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. Soon after, I dug the book back and out, and it went through several transitions before becoming what it is today.

You can find me at Dallas Pride on September 20th. Some people have asked me why I don’t plan to have a table at Austin Pride, and I can only say that I heard from other booksellers that people at that festival didn’t seem interested in buying books. Since the Austin pride festival is in a park rather than along a street, it seemed to have more of a party atmosphere to me. An excellent party, but still not interested in buying books. ^_^

On October 14th-18th, I’ll be at Women’s Week in Provincetown. Bold Strokes will be having a week of talks and readings, including a panel moderated by yours truly. Stay tuned for more details.

51wYpaLyQiL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Last but certainly not least, my friend Shei Darksbane has published an urban fantasy along with Annathesa Nikola Darksbane called, Awakened (Auralight Codex: Dakota Shepherd Book 1). Shei was kind enough to send me a copy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sexy lesbian vampires? Yes, please. It’s practically a steal on Kindle right now, so get it while it’s hot.

What’s going on in your world? Where can I find you?


Cover Reveals!

I know, Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory isn’t even out yet, and I have my next two covers! Bold Strokes is on the ball.

Here’s my first, coming in 2016:

Paladins of the Storm Lord 300 DPI

It’s the beginning of a the Godfall Series, a new science fiction series with quite the cast of lesbian, bi, and gay characters. It’s a lot of fun, so stay tuned. I’ll have more details for you shortly.

As for the next, also coming in 2016:

Coils 300 DPI

This one is a contemporary fantasy about a modern girl who travels to the Greek Underworld and meets the infamous Medusa. Romantic shenanigans follow.

I’m excited. I hope you are, too. Only four months until Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory! In case you’ve forgotten what that cover is like:

Thrall Beyond Gold and Glory 300 DPI

And here’s the blurb for that one:

Like heroes from an ancient tale, Aesa and Maeve plan to raid foreign shores, claiming gold and glory for their homeland. Young and in love, neither considers what will happen if one is chosen to be a warrior, and the other is left behind.

On a mist-shrouded island, Aesa meets Ell, a woman enslaved by an insidious curse. Maeve walks the path of dark magic and finds Laret, a woman well acquainted with pain. Together, they must break the magic surrounding Ell, an act that will force them to choose between their dreams, their homes, and the women they love.

It’s gonna be sweet!

A lot in the works

It’s middle of the novel time, which is when I usually disappear from this blog for a little while as I do the middle of the book slog.

The Lone Star LesFic conference went really well. I was happy to see familiar faces as well as meet some new ones.

There’s a lot to come on this blog in the coming weeks. I hope to do a new book trailer for Missouri Vaun and I want to do some videos about how to improve your writing speed, if you go in for that sort of thing.

But first I’ve got to get out of middle of this book. Sigh.

When you’re slogging through something, do you just power through, or do you like to take lots of breaks? What helps you power through or get back into the groove?

Do you review?

Do you ever leave reviews for the books you read on Amazon or Goodreads? Maybe from whatever site you buy them from?

The opinions about reviews are mixed. Some authors say they’re an invaluable way to convince others to buy their books, and some readers say that good and bad reviews definitely sway their purchases.

Others say that reviews are useless because they’re so easily faked nowadays. Authors will get friends to give their books five star reviews, or readers will give their favorite authors good reviews and attack anyone they perceive as a rival author, whether they’ve read the rival author’s books or not.

I’ve also heard some people say that they don’t review unless the review is good, and that makes others think all reviews are even more slanted.

When I review, I try to do it honestly, but there have been times I’ve given a friend with no reviews a good review. I’m as guilty as anyone. But I also read reviews for books I might buy with a grain of salt, judging them by how in-depth the review seems to be. If it just says, “Wonderful! 5 Stars!” I don’t pay it much mind, just as if it says, “Terrible! 1 Star!” Both of those just get glossed over. I also read to see if maybe the reviewer was bugged by something that wouldn’t faze me, like if they really hate prologues (or cliffhangers ^_^). Since neither one bothers me, if that’s the basis for a whole bad review, I disregard it.

Thoughts? Musings? Rants of inconsolable rage? And since we’re talking about reviews, I have to put some links in here. If you read any of my work, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you bought the book. I like honesty, and I’ll only cry where you can’t see. Promise. 😉

Cover reveal Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory UPDATED

Hey y’all, take a look at the cover of my upcoming release, Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory!




Like heroes from an ancient tale, Aesa and Maeve plan to raid foreign shores, claiming gold and glory for their homeland. Young and in love, neither considers what will happen if one is chosen to be a warrior, and the other is left behind.

On a mist-shrouded island, Aesa meets Ell, a woman enslaved by an insidious curse. Maeve walks the path of dark magic and finds Laret, a woman well acquainted with pain. Together, they must break the magic surrounding Ell, an act that will force them to choose between their dreams, their homes, and the women they love.

Coming in September 2015!

There’s lots of action and adventure and ladies who love ladies. It’s is a standalone fantasy, but I will probably write in this world again. There’s plenty to do and lots of characters to play with. And writing something that stood on its own was a great way for me to move away from Katya and Star a little, though I’ll always love those characters. Who knows, I might revisit them some day, too. 😉

For Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory, I used the Vikings as inspiration and then built my own fantasy world. Is there a period in history you like to read about in particular? Or one you’d like to see twisted into something new, like steampunk did for Victorian London?

Official release day and Pride festivals

It’s the official release day of The Fiend Queen! Bold Strokes Books is doing giveaways today on their Facebook page, so check back often.

I was curious to know everyone’s thoughts on buying books at Pride festivals (or festivals in general.) I ask specifically about Pride because I’ll be selling books at two festivals this year. If you attend any festivals and find out they have a book tent, do you stop and have a browse, or do you think of festivals as being more about music and food than shopping? This assumes, of course, that you have an interest in whatever subject the festival is ABOUT. 🙂

How many would say, “Ooh, books!” no matter what and come have a look and how many of you would need to be seduced by gimmicks or free candy? I admit, I’m kind of in both categories, shopping-wise. I always love a good book, but free candy is an undeniable siren song. I plan for our booth to have both. What say all of you?


The Fiend Queen is here!

But don’t run for the hills, check this out:

Here’s the link.

You can get The Fiend Queen today from the BSB webstore! They sell eBooks in formats compatible with every tablet, smartphone, and eReader. And they offer a 10% discount on purchases over $25. And AND you can now purchase paperback/eBook bundles of any title, at a net discount.

If you’re looking for more fantasy books, check out BSB titles by Cate Culpepper, Jane Fletcher, Shea Godfrey, Merry Shannon, Lesley Davis, and Maggie Morton. BSB also has plenty of other genres to choose from, so have a long look around.

Thanks so much for sticking with me until the end, people. I really appreciate it. I’ll be blogging here and on the BSB blog on Jan 6th, when I’ll be having another Fiend Queen giveaway, so stay tuned!

False Alarm

Okay, so not moving. I was amazed when things were going so quickly for getting our new house. Turns out, my disbelief was justified. Being pre-approved for a loan does not a loan make.

So we’re not going anywhere.

In further sucktastic news, Polly, our big lab, hurt her tail this morning.



Those of you with big dogs will know that tail injuries are pretty common for the over-excited dog. But a cut on the end of a tail leads to Dexter-like levels of blood spray. Our porch looks like a crime scene. I see a trip to the store in my future to secure a cleaner harsh enough to get blood off stone. We researched on the internet how to get a bandage to stay on a dog’s tail, but all we found were very unhelpful suggestions that would have required us to go to a hardware store. Here’s my simpler solution: apply bandage, then slip a clean sock over the dog’s tail. Secure with tape and hope the dog lays still long enough to let herself heal. We’ve had to reapply the sock once already.

In more badass news, my struggle with viral arthritis appears to be under control. The meds I’m on are working well, and the doctor thinks I might be able to stop them soon.

Also in the badass category, I’ve got the final edits for The Fiend Queen and am powering through them, so you’ll have a pretty sweet book in January. Check my 3-D graphic, courtesy of Maria Zannini:




Also also badass, here is my FenCon schedule! All the places you can find me at FenCon XI, September 26ht-28th:

Saturday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Trinity I – IV
Female Protagonists and their evolving role in Literature

Description: It’s been a long time since the pulps used women as simple plot devices. Strong female leads make for great books, and we explore some of the best and worst examples of female protagonists in fantasy and science fiction.

C. Dean Andersson, Paul Black, Lillian Stewart Carl, Stoney Compton, Selina Rosen, Barbara Ann Wright, J. Kathleen Cheney *

Saturday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Pin Oak
Pimp My Monster

Description: Let’s trick out our undead, partially deceased, shapeshifters, and other things of nightmares for the 21st century. How to put a fresh twist on these festering creatures from the past.

Aaron de Orive, Christopher Fulbright, Angeline Hawkes, Craig Wolf, Barbara Ann Wright, Steven E. Wedel *

Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pin Oak
Why Should You Join A Professional Organization?

Description: Professional organizations have much to offer, but are they for everyone? Or like Groucho Marx, would you rather not belong to a club that would have you as a member?

Lou Antonelli, Cathy Clamp, Amy Sisson, Barbara Ann Wright, Peri Charlifu *

Sunday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Addison Lecture Hall
When Will it Ever End?

Description: How long is too long? When should a series hang it up, or is there no limit to the number of books an author can or should write in a specific setting? Which well-known series have done an excellent job of holding our attention across multiple books, and which have jumped the proverbial shark?

Eric Flint, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Rob Rogers, Shanna Swendson, Barbara Ann Wright, Linda L. Donahue *

Hope to see some of you there!