ConDFW 2019!

ConDFW XVIII is this weekend in Dallas!

Guests of Honor are Charlaine Harris and Yoon Ha Lee. I will also be there as a panelist!

Here’s my schedule:


5 PM – Self-Promotion for Fun and Profit: It’s time to get your book out to the world. But how do you get people interested in what you wrote? Our publishers talk about how to get your name and work out into the world in ways that won’t get you arrested.

6 PM – The Best Books Nobody Ever Heard Of: We bring back a useful panel from last year! The primary rule of this panel is this: NO SELF PROMOTION. Bring examples, and audience participation is welcome as well! Be prepared to be grilled ruthlessly on why you like the book, of course! Bring paper and pen so you can take notes, and hopefully you’ll find some great reads.


11 AM – Autographs

1 PM – Reading

5 PM – Tortoises and Dragons: Militaries in Fantasy: The Silmarillion uses massed armies, war machines and fantastic beasts. Game of Thrones uses undead armies, dragons and regular armies as well. Harry Potter’s universe has zipping spells, teleporting wizards and a much more mobile form of warfare. As we can see, for each fantasy universe there are many different ways of warfare. From catapults to undead dragons, our panelists talk about waging war in fantasy.


I hear this might be the last year for this wonderful con. If so, I want to thank all the people who run it (and I will, this weekend.) It’s been a fun ride. Please come out and join in the fun!


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