ArmadilloCon 2018 and a reading at Malvern Books

Hey everyone, it’s time again for ArmadilloCon! I’ll be there all weekend, Aug 3-5, but if you want to stalk me especially close, here are my panels:

Friday the 3rd at 9pm: Horror: What We Love & Why: Ghosts, gothic, splatterpunk, vampires, weird. There are many types of horror. In this session, we’ll ask our panelists to tell to us about the kinds of horror they write, the kinds they like to read, and to suggest favorite horror books and writers.

Saturday the 4th at 10am: The State of the Star Trek Franchise: Is Star Trek Discovery worthwhile? What changes does it make to the universe, and are those changes problematic? And in the far future, are we excited or horrified by the prospect of a Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino?

Saturday the 4th at 11am: The Fine Art of Moderating a Panel: How do you get ready to moderate a discussion at a convention? How do you run an excellent discussion? If needed, how do you manage panel participants and listeners? How do you bring out the best in the people on your panel? Come, learn, and share ideas!

Saturday the 4th at 3pm: Autographing in the Dealers Room

Saturday the 4th at 4pm: The Writing of the Snark: The Art of Writing Humorous Fiction:Tips and techniques for writing humorous fiction.

Saturday the 4th at 7pm: Reading

Sunday the 5th at 12pm: Can’t You Just Google It? Research Techniques for Writers: What kinds of research do our panelists do when building worlds and stories?

Whew. I’m gonna be busy.

But not too busy to read at Malvern Books on Aug 9!

Hope to see you there!

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