Trailer Time!

It’s the second release day for Widows of the Sun-Moon, and you know what that means!

Trailer time!

And here’s the link.

Widows Of the Sun-Moon 300 DPI

Widows of the Sun-Moon is now live wherever books are sold AND on the BSB site!


Naos is bored. Alone in space, life should be idyllic. No more random thoughts intruding on her brain; no bodies clogging her senses. But what is there to do besides stare at the planet below and wonder what it would feel like to be Calamity’s only god?

War between the other gods shouldn’t be too hard to start. The Storm Lord has a bad temper, and after being abandoned by Simon Lazlo, source of immortality, he’s easy to provoke. And the Sun-Moon live closely with Calamity’s plains-dwelling people and their new neighbors, a pack of humans and aliens led by the intriguing ex-soldier Cordelia Ross. With a plague ravaging their numbers, it will be easy to set them at each other’s throats.

A little war, a bit of death, and the chance to be Calamity’s only deity? It’s a game to keep even the most fickle goddess entertained.

I hope you love it as much as I do. Or else…BOOM!


4 thoughts on “Trailer Time!

  1. congrats on your release! the video was very funny and I enjoyed how much you seemed to enjoy making it! I’m buying the book today but it’s “boom” not “bam” 🙂

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