ConDFW schedule, two release dates, and the Liz McMullen show!

Here’s my ConDFW schedule! I’m moderating the first one. On the rest, I’ll be like everyone else. 😉

Friday, 6pm: Humor Recipes for the Soul
Panelists: Barbara Ann Wright (M), John Scalzi, Rhonda Eudaly, Kathy Turski, Bill Crider, K. B. Bogen
With all the talk of mashups and combining genres, we need to talk about humor in various genres. What is considered funny in Science Fiction? What is considered funny in Epic Fantasy, or even Urban Fantasy? We bring our distinguished panelists to the kitchen table and get them to spill their delicious secrets.
Saturday, 2pm: The Short Story: Advantages and Benefits.
Panelists: David Gray (M), Mary Gearhart-Gray, Rhonda Eudaly, Barbara Ann Wright, Larry Atchley Jr., Dantzel Cherry
The short story is often overlooked by the average reader unless they read certain literary magazines or short story collections. However, they are a gem that should not be discounted so readily. Our short story writers talk about the benefits of writing short stories as opposed to writing novels.
Saturday, 5pm: Where do Heroes Go to Die?
Panelists: Tracy S. Morris (M), Barbara Ann Wright, Patrice Sarath, Gloria Oliver, Michelle Muenzler
Last year we heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing Legend of Conan (eventually? Maybe? Now it looks like November 2016) as a direct sequel to the first Conan, where it ended with him being King, old and grizzled. As a concept, the idea is neat, and is something that Howard dealt with in his original stories as well. Just how do you write old heroes? Our writers of sword and sorcery discuss these topics and more.
Sunday, 1pm: The Pantheon that Shaped the Universe: Roman Mythology
Panelists: Larry Atchley Jr. (M), Barbara Ann Wright, Adrian Simmons, Michelle Muenzler, Frances May
One of the more popular mythologies out there, the Roman mythos was just like the Roman culture – it assimilated them from each culture it conquered. Foreign gods were actually invited into the Roman Pantheon as they were conquered, which is a novel way of getting the new natives to be peaceful after getting beaten. Our researchers talk about the Roman mythos, and how it can be used in your stories.
Sound exciting? I’m pretty excited, too. I think some of these are going to be very lively indeed.
More exciting news, I have release dates for Coils and Widows of the Sun-Moon!
Widows Of the Sun-Moon 300 DPI Coils 300 DPI

 September 13, 2016 for Coils and January 17, 2017 for Widows!

Widows of the Sun-Moon is the sequel to Paladins of the Storm Lord, which comes out in May! That’s not a bad wait at all!

Speaking of things you don’t have to wait for, I was on the Liz McMullen Show! Please go have a listen. We’re very entertaining people, and it’s all for you. All for you!

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