Had a great time at Ptown this past weekend, going from event to event for Bold Strokes Books at Women’s Week.

Here’s a few random pics:

signing This is a signing after one of the panels with (from left): Kris Bryant, Jean Copeland, me, Aurora Rey, Jennifer Lavoie, and Carsen Taite. We had just finished doing our reading and then went to Recovering Hearts to sign books for adoring hordes of fans (not pictured.)

group pic

Here’s a nice group shout after the signing of (from left): me, D Jackson Leigh, VK Powell, Missouri Vaun, Ali Vali, and Carsen Taite. This was after the signing when someone asked to take a pic of us. I believe it’s all over facebook.

publishing talk

Here’s one shot from the panel on the writer’s life. (From left again): Sandy Lowe, MJ Williamz, me, and Sophia Kell Hagin. Almost all of us were thirsty.


And this last one is just me. It’s from my reading, and at this point I believe I’m telling the audience that writing romance is “All about the frickin’.” Always go for the laugh, people.

The panels were all very entertaining and informative. The readings were fantastic. I attended all of them but didn’t get very many pictures because I was suffering the pain of kidney stones at the time and was either in too much pain to move or too high to know what the hell a camera was. Thankfully, my cell reception was so bad in Ptown that I actually couldn’t text or call anyone, or I probably would have drunk dialed everyone I know. I am feeling a bit better now that I’m home, but as I have several kidney stones, I’m not out of the woods yet. I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, I’m hard at work on Coils to turn it in by the end of October, so you might not see me around very much. I’ll check back in when I’m less busy, I promise.

7 thoughts on “Provincetown!

  1. Those kidney stones can be absolute murder. I hope you’ve passed them all. At least you had a good time at your event. Time to rest now. You probably need it after that whirlwind trip. Take care.

  2. Thanks for letting us know how much you enjoyed your time at PTown, I enjoyed looking at your photos. I hope the kidney stones pass quickly and with minimal pain.

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