Official release day and Pride festivals

It’s the official release day of The Fiend Queen! Bold Strokes Books is doing giveaways today on their Facebook page, so check back often.

I was curious to know everyone’s thoughts on buying books at Pride festivals (or festivals in general.) I ask specifically about Pride because I’ll be selling books at two festivals this year. If you attend any festivals and find out they have a book tent, do you stop and have a browse, or do you think of festivals as being more about music and food than shopping? This assumes, of course, that you have an interest in whatever subject the festival is ABOUT. 🙂

How many would say, “Ooh, books!” no matter what and come have a look and how many of you would need to be seduced by gimmicks or free candy? I admit, I’m kind of in both categories, shopping-wise. I always love a good book, but free candy is an undeniable siren song. I plan for our booth to have both. What say all of you?


10 thoughts on “Official release day and Pride festivals

  1. I would definitely check out a book tent specifically at a Pride event because we don’t get a chance very often to check out these things in person rather than just online.

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