Down the rabbit hole

Sorry about the low attendance, folks. I’m rushing to meet a deadline RIGHT as the holidays have arrived, so I’ll be slow to do things for a while. Stay tuned, though, as giveaways for The Fiend Queen are right around the corner. Until then, enjoy my pics of California and Disneyland!

IMG_20141114_204236102This one is from Walking With Dinosaurs, the Arena Spectacular. Well worth the ticket.

IMG_20141117_130833982_HDRThe Ross and I with Captain America.

IMG_20141117_143258248_HDRThe Haunted Mansion done up with The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations.

IMG_20141117_181501233Some Christmas lights from the train.



IMG_20141117_201519708A tree in Downtown Disney.

IMG_20141118_131012830Rodeo Drive.

IMG_20141118_131058261Ditto. Why yes, those are crystal chandeliers hanging from the lamp posts.

IMG_20141118_135150382TCL Chinese Theatre.

IMG_20141118_135211308The cast of Star Trek.

IMG_20141118_144939385Hollywood sign. Duh.


Some of San Diego Bay

It was a great vacation, but now I’m ready to get back to work. 🙂 What are your holiday plans?

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