And boy are my arms tired. Literally. Carrying boxes is not fun.

Besides unpacking and moving furniture, I’ve been working on my new book and getting ready for the release of The Fiend Queen in January. In case you missed it, I was also a guest on Queer Romance Month.

Update on Polly: Some of you may remember that my dog hurt her tail a few weeks ago. Well, we ended up having to get it cropped because the damage was too great. I’ll go into a little more detail because it’s so bizarre, but first:


So, Polly keep reopening the wound in her tail because she’s a happy girl, and she banged it into everything, and our house was beginning to look like a crime scene. So, we had the wound sealed , but she still managed to reopen it a little , so every morning we’d check on her, see if she needed a bandage that day. One morning, we find her licking her tail, think it must be hurting her, and bend down for a better look.

And find bone.

She wasn’t in pain, wasn’t bleeding. The last two inches or so of her tail had died, and she had…gotten rid of it the best way she knew how.

So we took her in for surgery, and they removed all the remaining dead tissue, and sewed her up, and she feels much better, even if she lost a bit of length.

Oh, the horrors. I panicked a little at first, I’ll admit, but once we found out she was okay, we did crack quite a few jokes. When the vet asked us to keep a cone of shame on her for the next few days after her surgery, we asked, “Because she’s got a taste for herself now?” We’ve thrown around, “Waste not, want not,” and joked to our older dog that she better move a little faster these days. Auto-cannibal dog hasn’t minded our jokes because she gets petting and a treat. I have to keep wondering, though, what she’s thinking about when she’s eating those treats, if in her secret heart, she thinks, “I don’t want to brag, but I am DELICIOUS.”

Without treats, I will surely perish

Without treats, I will surely perish


TL;DR, dog is fine now.

Back to writing for me! Who’s with me? Who’s busy with Fall projects and pet drama?

8 thoughts on “Moved!

  1. Haha I had to skip to the TL;DR ;_; I’m bad with medical stuff.
    Glad your dog is fine tho! ^^ I’m still with ya. Just drifting in and out of internet vigilance atm. Reading Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. I’m on book 2 “Words of Radiance” and it’s amazing. Can’t wait for “The Fiend Queen”!! ^^

  2. Poor Polly. I should’ve warned you about the blood. For some reason the tail bleeds more than anything else. Worse, there are a lot of nerves running down the tail. I’m surprised Polly was so easy going about it. It had to be painful for her.

    But she’s a few ounces lighter and you’ll have to make that up with treats.

    No pet drama at my house, thank God, but I’ve been sick for a week now. I am ready to get well again. There’s so much for me to do.

    Give Polly a hug for me. And tell her the cropped look is in for Fall.

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