Bold Strokes Books Camp!

Last week, my publisher, Bold Strokes Books, hosted a writers’ retreat in upstate New York at Easton Mountain Lodge.

I call her Speedy.

I call her Speedy.

Together me and my intrepid, tiny rental car (not really an intrepid) groaned up hills and valleys for some spectacular views.

There were breakout sessions filled with helpful information, hours with no events so we could write or read or hang out, and wonderful lunches and dinners provided by the hard working volunteers at Easton.









Did I mention the views? The fields and hills stretched far into the distance. There were deer, beavers, geese, even a bear! Thankfully, the bear only appeared outside a car window and not in anyone’s cabin.

I received some much-needed encouragement and a clear direction of where I want my novel to go from here. I needed this trip more than I knew.

Say what you want about big versus small publishing, I don’t know many publishers that would offer their writers an experience like this. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new. (The Facebook friend requests have been flying.) I wrote about 5000 new words and finished two books.



All in all, it was a wonderful, inspiring experience!




The bunkhouse I shared with Jennifer Lavoie and Juliann Rich.


Guest rooms at Easton Mountain.


The kitchen


Breakout session room.


Have you ever been on a writing retreat? Were you inspired?


6 thoughts on “Bold Strokes Books Camp!

  1. I have not been on a writing retreat. However, I have read others sharing about their experiences. Like yours, they found it to be inspirational, really helping to get the words moving.

  2. Oh Wow! That seemed like an amazing experience that certainly expanded your vision and thoughts towards many directions .

    I am at the moment with my family in the northeast of Brazil, after spending 8 years without seeing my mother, and now with all of us reunited once again, it brought me a luggage of memories and feelings that certainly are renewing my spirits.

    I feel like writing forever , rsrs.

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us, I am new to the blog, but I am enjoying and learning a lot from all that you write,

    Keep up the good work!

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