Liz McMullen’s pride blog, Denver Pride, and Armadillocon

And all the cons I’ve loved befoooore…

Boy, am I everywhere.

Firstly, I’m guest blogging today on the Liz McMullen Show during her June Pride Blog. I’m talking about writing a trans character as part of my new project, but because I still love Katya and Starbride, you can enter to win one of their books!

But where can you see me in person, you ask? How about the Denver Pride festival, June 21st-22nd. I’ll be one of five Bold Strokes authors manning a booth and selling loot! We’ll also have plenty of swag to share, so if you’re nearby, stop in or we’ll collapse into tears. 😦

If you refuse to see me anywhere but Austin, try ArmadilloCon, August 21st-22nd. You can find my full schedule under the Participant Index. There’s a lot of cool talks this year, plus a Dealer’s Room, Art Show, Charity Auction, and much more.

I hope some of you can make it to one of these. Even if you can’t, we’ll forever be internet buddies. Speaking of the internets, have you heard of #OutWriters on Twitter? It’s a way LGBT writers (like me) and fans are currently connecting. Join in the conversation and say why you love LGBT fiction.

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