I like to pretend it’s not a regular occurence

But I often don’t have anything to blog about! Still hard at work, still out hustling A Kingdom Lost. I can tell you again where to find me at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival.

Saturday, May 17
1 PM
A label like “gay writer” or “LGBT fiction” can be both a blessing and a curse — vital in promoting our work and reaching a core LGBT readership, but also classifying and possibly confining us by our sexuality. Genres and sub-genres like lesbian romance, gay men’s mystery, and LGBT horror can further narrow how our fiction is publicly presented and perceived. In a time of increasing assimilation, audience fragmentation, and expanding publishing formats, are these labels helpful or harmful? Do they damage a queer author trying to tap a broader reader base? Are these niche categories outdated, or more important than ever to our literary survival? And what are the options?
Panelists: Rob Byrnes, Michael Thomas Ford, S. Chris Shirley, and Barbara Ann Wright.
Moderator: John Morgan Wilson.
Hotel Monteleone, Royal Salon B

Sunday, May 18
11:30 AM
Festival authors debut their latest works in our annual reading series. Expect to be entertained, engaged and thrilled by the written word read out loud by authors Mary A. Celeste, Kevin Klehr, Jeff Mann, Ron J. Suresha, Shawn Syms, Jerry Wheeler, and Barbara Ann Wright.
Sponsored by The John Burton Harter Charitable Trust.
Hotel Monteleone, Cabildo Room

I’m looking forward to it in a big way! I’m also looking forward to my birthday, which is on the 19th. I love birthdays…

On a personal note, does anyone have a pet that is losing/has lost their sight? My oldest dog has diabetes, and her cataracts are now so bad she runs into things. It’s really bumming her out. We’re helping all we can to guide her around, but I know she’s kind of depressed no matter how many times we cuddle her. Our vet said she would get used to it and use her other senses to compensate, and she’s doing that a little, but it breaks my heart every time she runs into a wall. Does anyone have any tips?

Daisy, my poor diabetic dog

Daisy, my poor diabetic dog


10 thoughts on “I like to pretend it’s not a regular occurence

  1. Poor Daisy! I think your vet is right. She’ll get used to her circumstances soon enough. In the meantime the best you can do is keep her in familiar surroundings. Don’t rearrange the furniture and don’t let anyone (especially strangers) sneak up on her.

    When you feed her, let her smell the food first to encourage her to use her other senses. And never call her unless you’re right in front of her so that she doesn’t have to navigate between obstacles.

    Give that baby a hug for me.

    • Thanks, Maria. We’re keeping the furniture the same, and I stomp around the house so she can keep track of me. I only call out to her when she does her, “Where did everyone go?” bark. And I try and stay where I can catch her if she goes up and down the stairs. Sometimes I just carry her, but I think that freaks her out more.

      She never interacts with someone unless they’re already in the house, so we’re good for strangers. I usually rattle her food bowl so she can come over.

      I’ve been hugging her a lot. And then I have to hug Polly who gets very jealous. The cats don’t give a shit. 😉

  2. Awwww…my heart goes out to Daisy. Please give her an extra hug from me as well. And that will mean a hug for Polly too so yeah, hugs to Polly in keeping the peace.

  3. What Maria said … and let her learn to navigate the stairs herself with you going first so she can follow the sound of your voice. We all get bumps when we learn new skills, but we seldom keep repeating the same mistakes after we’ve figured out a way to overcome it.
    Widdercat’s back legs are getting weaker so we have created ‘steps’ for her to reach all her favourite nooks and crannies. At first she refused to use them, but when we stopped fussing, she upped and did it – just to put us staffpersons in our place.

    • I think all cats won’t cooperate unless it’s their idea. Daisy does the stairs pretty well if I touch her while she climbs. She doesn’t like to attempt them alone, thank goodness.

  4. I find the “When genres collide” subject very interesting. I’ll be curious to hear what comes up in the panel discussion.

    Some genres are about who the audience is (YA, New Adult) and others are about what the content is (mystery, horror), but I’m not clear how much of this is content and how much audience.

    Also, romance would seem to be different than the other categories, since a “gay romance” would clearly have different central elements that a “straight romance.” “Gay mystery,” though, seems less clear. Gay victim? Gay suspects? Gay detective?

    Also, there’s the content and the (hoped for) audience, but there’s also the writer. My last story had a lesbian romance as a main plot, but I’m pretty clearly not a lesbian.

    Anyway, an interesting question.

    No suggestions for Daisy, but I agree that she will adapt. I’ve seen that happen with dogs who’ve lost a limb, for example.

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