Con details and a release date!

Okay, campers. I’ve got my deets for ConDFW, and they’re comin’ at yo face!

MAIN PROGRAMMING (Addison Lecture Hall)
4pm: Selling Yourself for Fun and Profit
Panelists: Barbara Ann Wright (M), Peggy Dee Haslbauer, David L. Gray, Melanie Fletcher, Gloria Oliver
Self-promotion is always a tricky issue in this day and age. Where do you do it? What is trustworthy? How do you get the news out to the public that your book, or art, or movie is ready? The internet is a big place, and easy to get lost in. Our panelists look at ways of getting the message out to the masses so you can earn more than blank looks.

And that little M means I’m moderating that one. So come here me crack wise about when to put naked butt pics on the internet and when not to. (Hint: Don’t do it when you’re looking for a job. Do it every other time.)

PROGRAMMING 2 (Chinaberry)
4pm: One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor: Creating Maps
Panelists: Rachel Acks (M), Mel While, Barbara Ann Wright, Dusty Rainbolt
It is amazing how much easier you can visualize a world once you have built a map of it, or see a map on the first few pages of a book you picked up. But how do you build such a map so it doesn’t look like a five year old scribbled on a napkin with random crayons? Our resident scientists and creative artists help collaborate to build a map that inspires the imagination. Note: Maps may or may not allow you to simply walk into Mordor.
I’ve created a few maps in my time. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on the “how not to do it” side of things.
MAIN PROGRAMMING (Addison Lecture Hall)
6pm: World-Building, and When to STOP
Panelists: Barbara Ann Wright (M), Julia S. Mandala, William Ledbetter, Rhonda Eudaly, KM Tolan
It is always a temptation to keep building in detail into your baby. Building a world is a labor of love! However, there is a point where you have to stop. Perfect examples in film are the Prequels of Star Wars (why so many worlds…whyyyy) and Peter Jackson’s Hobbit. (Three films? Really?) And this is only recent examples, there are many examples that bog down novels. So when do you stop building? Our panelists discuss methods, and possibly a ten- step program.
There’s that lovely M again. I moderated a panel on world-building at FenCon, and it went swimmingly. We’ll see if I leave you time for questions on this expedition.
PROGRAMMING 2 (Chinaberry)
12pm: Interstellar Archaeology: Part Two–The Debunking
Panelists:Mel White (M), Dan Bernardo, Barbara Ann Wright, Chris Donahue, Julia S. Mandala, Frank Summers
The second of two panels where we inflict discover startling artifacts of OBVIOUS alien origin. Our experts tell us how wrong the previous esteemed panelists were! Last year, Sunday’s panel thoroughly debunked Friday’s experts. Help us, they can! Confuse us, they will not.
I’ll be honest. I have no idea what this entails. I promise to to quip, though, so be there.
Also, The Fiend Queen, the last book in the Katya and Starbride series is slated to be released on

January 2015!!!!!


I know you were hoping for sooner, but you’ll just have to be patient, precious. See you all at the con. Wait, you’re all coming, right? I bought a bunch of snacks.



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