Questions! with Katya and Starbride

Hey, gang. I’m starting a new series today where you can ask Katya and Starbride (or any of the Pyramid characters) any questions you want! Even ones about me!

Here’s part one, with some burning questions I hear alllll the time:

And here’s the link.

If you have a question, just leave it in the comments. Please address all questions to whomever you want answering them, and I’ll make it happen.

p.s. I play with dolls.


10 thoughts on “Questions! with Katya and Starbride

  1. Dear Katya & Starbride,

    I refrained from referring to you by title because, having read awesome books about your exploits, I feel as though we share a special bond.

    That’s it. I don’t have any questions due to the aforementioned special bond, which totally isn’t creepy at all. Not even a little bit.

  2. Dear Pennynail, how do you think the new parliamentary reforms lowering tariffs on goods imported from Allusia is going to impact the underground economy of Dockland? Also, where did you get your mask, it’s really cool!

  3. Dear Katya and Starbride,
    I really enjoyed watching your love affair unfold magically in the story. But I wonder if there were certain doubts or reservations, maybe about you, Katya? I mean, that other chick did come after you like a hump-happy dog on a mission.

  4. Dear Katya,

    I must know….would you really seek Lord Hugo out for ‘stud service’ knowing his feelings? Surely this little issue of kids could be sorted out with some type of pyramid. The boy is probably still shooting blanks, anyway.

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