I love my job

I just Googled “What do mummies smell like?” while researching for Book 4.

Pro tip: they smell musty.

Not much else to relate this week. Just plugging away on Book 4 and trying not to think of all the traveling I’ll be doing this Fall. If you’re going to be in Dallas Oct 4-6, come see me at FenCon. Other than that, all my travel will be for vacation purposes, and boy will I need it.

Here’s Polly wearing a shirt:

Whatever, man. I'm well stocked with treats.

Whatever, man. I’m well stocked with treats.

Took a while to get that shot. Most of them turned out like this:

As long as there are belly scratches involved, she's cool.

As long as there are belly scratches involved, she’s cool.

What’s everyone’s week look like?


7 thoughts on “I love my job

  1. Look at that little gray muzzle. How old is Polly? She looks great, btw.

    Re: FenCon
    I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to FenCon this year. Greg is off that week and we’ll be schlepping back and forth between houses to get him prepped for moving next year. 30+ years to accumulate the stuff, but less than one year to get it moved, sold, or hauled off. Oy!

  2. Yay for Polly! Belly scratches are nice…I think they are, at least lol!
    I wish I could be at FenCon but I’ll be in Tennessee at the Indie RomCon attending my first convention as an author on a panel. Rather nervous and excited about that. I get to talk about sex, baby! Okay, maybe that’s a little too excited.

    Have a great time at FenCon!

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