Where to find me at Worldcon

I’m at Worldcon! Holy crap!

So I’m not on any panels, I’m still here at the Broad Universe table, selling books and meeting people. I gave a book to Sharon Shinn!!!

Must. Hold in. Fangirl. Squee.

And breathe.

The Broad Universe table is located toward the back of the Dealer’s Room on the right hand side if your back is to the doors. I’ll be there for sure on Friday from 11-12, Saturday from 1-2 and 4-5, and Sunday from 12-1. I might also be dropping by at other times just to say hello.

If you’d like to find me some other time, just send me a tweet at @zendragandt and we’ll find each other. Woo!


8 thoughts on “Where to find me at Worldcon

  1. I always get such a tickle out of authors fansqueeing over other authors. I guess it’s a confirmation to me that everybody has heroes, even other heroes. =)

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