Yeah, I keep I forgetting

I only blog once a week and half the time I forget to do that. The other half, I complain about blogging once a week.


In news, I’m still working away on book 4 in Star and Katya’s saga. If you’ve been reading along with us, you already know that 3 is with the publisher and should release early next year.

In other other news, I have a new short story coming out in the BSB anthology: Amor and More: Love Everafter. It’s a Katya/Star story set between The Pyramid Waltz and For Want of a Fiend. I hope it’ll tide you over. 😉

Next place to find me in person is at LoneStar Con, also known as WorldCon (August 29th – September 1st) this year. I’ll be at a table in the Dealer’s Room with the Broad Universe crew and also doing a reading with the broads from 10-11 am on Sunday, September 1st. Hope to see you there!

Until then, here’s a dog wearing socks:



6 thoughts on “Yeah, I keep I forgetting

    • She’ll wear pretty much anything. She just likes to be involved. And they’ll eventually just fall off her feet, and she doesn’t care. In a way, we’re lucky she’s the accident-prone dog. She never minds bandages either.

  1. There are times when the writing writing and the blog writing can get a little competitive. I’m running into that also, and (with little free time) I tend to tilt a tiny bit toward the writing writing. Especially if it’s going well.

    When’s the the story coming out?

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