GCLS pics

GCLS is an enormous conference. It wasn’t the first I’ve attended with a lot of people, nor was it the biggest con I’ve ever been to, but it was my largest lesbian conference, and that made it an exciting, hilarious, easy-to-get-lost sort of experience.

At the awards ceremony. GLITTER.

At the awards ceremony. GLITTER.

Exciting because I met a lot of people I’ve only known online, like the gang from Cocktail Hour Productions:


Hilarious because I got to hang out with people I’ve met before:

VK Powell, me, and Yvonne Heidt

VK Powell, me, and Yvonne Heidt

The BSB gang

The BSB gang

And because I brought Princess Katya from my book trailers. Everyone wanted to meet her.

Like Dana Scully:

Totally feeling that leg

Totally feeling that leg

Linda Kay Silva’s Alan:



And it was easy to get lost because not many people knew who the hell I was:

Where's Barbara Ann?

Where’s Barbara Ann?

Being lost in the crowd was both a blessing and a curse. I made some new fans and met some great people, but I’m not a sure hand at introducing myself to strangers, so a lot of times I sat and just enjoyed people watching. I’m afraid I didn’t get a lot of marketing done, but I did have an excellent time just watching the ladies stroll by. ^_^

How did the weekend go for everyone else?

p.s. I didn’t win, but I didn’t really care. ^_^ Go here for a list of BSB winners and here for the full list of all Goldie winners.

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