Come see me at AggieCon at the Hilton in College Station, TX this weekend.
(They’ve also got a Facebook page they update regularly.)

I’ll be appearing Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. There’s no way you can miss me.

Here’s the schedule so far (probably subject to a little change, but we’ll see):

Friday, March 22nd:

4-5 pm in Panel Room 2 – Making a Fantasy World Feel Real. “Do you want to make your fantasy stories come to life? Come and hear how the pros do it.”

5-6 pm in Panel Room 2 – There’s More Than One Way to Write a Story. “You don’t have to live with just one format for your work. Learn what it takes to move from short story or novel writing to comics and gaming and vice versa!”

Saturday, March 23rd:

11-noon in Panel Room 4 – Getting Your Writing Off the Ground. “Tips from writers about how to do your best work, beat writer’s block, and not go crazy in the process.”

6-8 pm in Panel Room 2 – The “Fake” Geek Girl. “A discussion about the fear and loathing directed toward geeks decried as ‘fake’.”

Sunday, March 24th:

11-noon in Panel Room 4 – Making Science Fiction Come to Life. “Our experts talk about their experiences writing science fiction.”

I’m an expert. *Blush* I don’t feel like an expert. I still feel like little elves sneak in here at night and write my stories for me. Or maybe it’s Barbie….

Who’s coming to see me?


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