Palm Springs!

Yeah, I know. I’ve been back for a week, but I had to put the finishing touches on For Want of a Fiend. We want it to come out on time, after all.

So Palm Springs is very gorgeous, as you might have guessed. And even though it’s in the desert, it didn’t get that hot while I was there.

The palms from the name

The palms from the name

Mountains mountains everywhere

Mountains mountains everywhere

For some reason, I thought the event was going to be indoors, though, so I brought all the wrong clothes. If I had anyone taking pics of me, I’d be the one in slacks. (The primary reason I didn’t have anyone taking pics of me, btw.)

Here’s a shot from inside Casitas Laquita, where most of the festival was held:

See? Shorts and tank tops. Sigh.

See? Shorts and tank tops. Sigh.

It was one of the only times I’ve had to use a microphone to speak. Even then, I think I could have made myself heard without it. I’m loud, y’all.

The panels were wonderful. I made a lot of jokes, but because of the microphone, had to depend on people telling me later whether the jokes landed or not. With the mic, I couldn’t hear anything but my own voice. I heard some very interesting excerpts, too, books that went right to the top of my reading list.

We did a wonderful skit where I got to play Princess Katya and wear this paper bag mask. I hope it shows up online somewhere.

I'm keeping it forever and ever

I’m keeping it forever and ever

And here's the back

And here’s the back

If ever it shows up, you’ll get a link. The artwork was by the fabulous Lisa Girolami.

I got to sign a few books, too, including this one that I spied waiting on someone’s lap:

Palm Springs book

Best of all, while waiting at another panel from the audience, a lady asked the organizer when MY next book was coming out. The organizer said, “Why don’t you ask her? She’s right behind you.” ^__^ I got a kick out of her surprise, even though my mouth was full of doughnut at the time. We spoke later and I got to meet her daughter and hear how much they liked The Pyramid Waltz. Sigh. A feather could have carried me away.

All of Palm Springs is very open, even the airport. The gates and security area are covered, but the concourse and hallways are open to the sky.

It looks like some street, but that's inside the airport

It looks like some street, but that’s inside the airport

Your way to the gates is all outside.

Your way to the gates is all outside.

I’m guessing it doesn’t rain there so often that ducking into cover is much of a problem. It is the desert, after all. All the open air makes it a great place for blooming plants and for fauna to sneak into the gate areas, especially in the Sonny Bono concourse.

A little shelter from any rain, but not much.

A little shelter from any rain, but not much.

My new bestie

My new bestie

All the sunshine and greenery made the employees of the Palm Springs airport the absolute friendliest airport employees I have ever met. They were kind and courteous and seemed to really enjoy their jobs. They weren’t suspicious or angry, didn’t seem overworked or snappish, like some airport employees I’ve encountered. And their good attitudes brightened the day of the passengers. I had no idea how quickly my irritation at the long lines and security would lighten just by being treated with friendliness from the employees. Unlike in many airports I’ve been in, these people weren’t afraid to smile.

And that’s my love letter to the Palm Springs airport.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, except the part where I came home with a cold. 😦 I’m getting better, though, never fear, ready to get back to work on the third Pyramid novel and also a super secret short story, which you’ll be hearing more about shortly. Stay tuned to find out where you can find me next! Hint: It’s Aggiecon. Okay, that’s more than a hint. 😉


10 thoughts on “Palm Springs!

  1. Wow, to see so much of the airport actually outside. These are some wonderful pictures.

    Glad you had a chance to have a wonderful time with readers and other attendees.Cold aside, glad things worked out well 🙂

  2. My wide has this wonderful t-shirt that says, ‘Palm Springs, Where’s the beach?’ I’m guessing you went to the one without the ocean views! . . . in’it the bestest feeling signing our own books for our readers?!!!

    . . . get well soon. Drink lots of water!

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