Just one week…

…and then Palm Springs, baby!

I’m gonna be talking and reading and eating and probably swearing an awful lot, and all of it with you. ^_^

Yeah, I know I keep plugging this, and I hope some of you are coming. After it all goes off, I’ll probably be talking non-stop about Aggiecon and then every other damn place I’ll be. After I’ve moved, (yes, moving again) then I’ll bust out more Barbie action. Until then, you’ll just have to come see me in person and listen to me talk about Barbies. ^_^

Who else is traveling soon?


7 thoughts on “Just one week…

  1. I’m done with cons, at least until the fall when I hope to attend a Doctor Who conference. I know a certain hubby who would love it.

    Enjoy Palm Springs–if for nothing else but the scenery. A great place for a con.

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