Warm Bodies, Palm Springs (yes, again!) and a bit of randomness

Went to see Warm Bodies with the Ross today. It’s the perfect romantic movie for weirdos like us. Zombie meets girl but in the cutest, most humorous way possible. I highly recommend it, but if someone could tell me the reason why the military left the city, I’d appreciate it. That part had me a little lost, though I thought the rest was pretty perfect.

In just a week, I will be in Palm Springs for the Bold Strokes Books festival. Please come and see me for signings, readings, and panels on Other Worlds, the Art of Romance (which I’ll be moderating) and an author roundtable. I’ll go ahead and sweeten the pot by promising that the romance panel will probably degenerate into talking about porn. That’s the direction I’ll be steering it, anyway.

Now for the randomness:


Guaranteed drinks when Lady Gaga takes us out to eat.

Liberty Hill-Cedar Park-20130131-00051

A tough little plant I saw while out walking. It laughs at your man-made, mamby-pamby, roady-woadyness.


Apparently, Pinhead from Hellraiser has his own line of banana-nut muffins.

That’s it for now. Come and see me in Palm Springs or I’ll cry like the only My Little Pony without friends. *sniff*

Who else is hella busy right now?


8 thoughts on “Warm Bodies, Palm Springs (yes, again!) and a bit of randomness

  1. Hella busy is an understatement!!

    Glad Warm Bodies was great. Couldn’t help laughing at the “military” question. Hope that wasn’t a loose plot hole hung out to dry lol!!

    Have a blast in Palm Springs and stay away from Hellraiser’s muffins. They’re really trying to hook ya!

  2. Good Luck on Palm Springs!

    I am going to be up in Austin the weekend of march 1st. I am going to Jay’s grandaughters play that night, but thought if you were going to be home, I could come over and see the house and take you to lunch. Just let me know!

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