Book launch party and Women’s Week

Home again, home again, and I’ve had a busy few weeks!

First off, book launch party was a huge success!

My mom and I. Why yes, that is a lot of sequins.

Had a great turn out of incredibly sparkly, masked people. I wore a sequined evening gown, a sparkly mask, sparkly jewelry, and if you look really closely, glitter in my hair. I’m not going to put people’s names on all these pictures because A) I can’t remember the names of lots of the dates/spouses (sorry!) and B) If I told you everyone’s names, it wouldn’t help you recognize them. I’ll only point out a few people because I talk about them a lot.

She kept eluding my mom’s camera. ^_^

Like here’s a covert shot of the wily and elusive, Angela Brown, one of my bestest blog buddies. I really apprecaited you making the drive, Angela, even if you did manage to hide from my camera! My mom snapped a shot of you behind me while I was pimping my book.

These I do know. Janet Mallard, Erin Kennemer, Yours Truly, Sarah Warburton, and Trakena Prevost

And here’s my writing group from Houston, whom I thank in my acknowledgments and whose tiny feet I worship. Without them, I would have no book.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your pic here. Most of these will be going up on my facebook page as well. I’d like to thank everyone who came to my party and everyone who wished me well. The food was wonderful, the company was outstanding, and I sold out of books in the first fifteen minutes!

And after this wonderful event, I ran off to Provincetown for my first ever reading/signing for people I don’t know!

So so studious

Here’s VK Powell reading and me looking on studiously while Anne Laughlin moderates us. Listen to authors only in moderation.

Yes, the hand gestures help me read, what of it?

And then it was my turn to read, and I was very very nervous. I kind of raced through this one because it was COLD AS HELL in the library in Provincetown. I think someone turned on the air conditioner accidentally. Or WAS it an accident? To my left is Nora Olsen, whose dystopian
YA sounded particularly interesting.

Yes, it’s my real hair. It’s genetic.

I had another panel, but there are no pics of that. It was in a lot warmer environment, and there were more people. We all had a hilariously good time talking about body parts and power tools. And then there was the signing. *Sigh* I’m spoiled forever. I need signings for the rest of my life. That’s Jennifer Lavoie to my left, Ali Vali standing over my shoulder and Shelley Thrasher seated to my right. If you ever need a creative idea on how to kill someone, just read Ali’s books. ^_^

Spoiled, spoiled forever! What’s been happening to you while I was gone? All good, I hope.

PS, Also, I did a vlog while in Ptown!


8 thoughts on “Book launch party and Women’s Week

  1. LOL!! I hadn’t even noticed she got me. Too funny.

    I had such a wonderful time coming down for the book launch. So many wonderful masks…even a horse’s head. And somehow he managed to drink. Still amazed me even though I saw him do it lol!!

    Thank you so much for all your sparkly, glittery fun and kudos again to your hubby for a remarkable and heart-warming toast to you. You deserved it all, Barbara 🙂

  2. Yessssss. Autographing one’s own books. Totally addictive!

    My copy of ‘The Pyramid Waltz’ arrived today – horray!
    Can’t read it yet ‘cos of my bum eye! – bugger!

    (This comment is the highly edited version. You should see the typos I’m creating trying to see through one eye! Hilarious)

  3. It looks like you guys had a blast. I so wish I lived closer. You don’t realize how big Texas is until you have to drive it. LOL..

    And Angela without a mask? Holy moley. Her secret identity is in peril now. 🙂

    Thanks for posting such a great photo diary.

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