I’m all over the freakin’ internet!

I wrote a Coming Out feature for the Outer Alliance!

Here’s the intro:

Welcome to Coming Out #8! Coming Out is a series of guest posts in which creators talk about specific newly available works. We based this loosely on John Scalzi’s The Big Idea series, except, since we’re The Outer Alliance, you can expect all the projects to involve QUILTBAG people and/or content. Our guest poster this time is Barbara Ann Wright, who talks about her lesbian romance fantasy novel, The Pyramid Waltz, and answers the persistent, “But why did you write about lesbians?” question.

Now you have to go check it out, dontcha? ^__~


4 thoughts on “I’m all over the freakin’ internet!

  1. Hmmm…I liked your comment of “No one ever asks why’d you write about straight people.” Kind of puts some perspective on viewpoints when it comes to societal norms.

  2. Great post! … unfortunately ‘Rizzles’ isn’t going to happen (at least blatantly) until the ratings drop so low, the money boys decide that a lesbian kiss will bring back the viewers!

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