Get your squee on

Are you ready? Wait for it…wait for it…waaaaiiiit for it….



Deep breath.

It’s an actual physical thing! For the touching! And the fondling! I sat and watched TV with them, and when I went to the fridge, I asked if they wanted anything!!!?!?!?!?

You ready for more?

The sparkly notebooks add flair.

Bookmarks! To give away! At cons and things! To people who might want to buy my book! Which is a REAL THING!!!!!

I’m so high right now. Let’s all go out for ice cream sundaes. Except for the lactose intolerant among you. Y’all can just get drunk.


15 thoughts on “Get your squee on

  1. I’m not lactose intolerant so I’ve have some ice cream and have a lime-a-rita too lol!

    Very Squeeee-worthy indeed. Doesn’t it take it from surreal to really real? YAY!!

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