In new house. ZOMG tired

But loving my new digs! Still, so much unpacking. Do I really need this much stuff? Can’t a woman live on sparkly notebooks alone?

I haven’t set up my Barbies yet. They’re in a box somewhere, sighing and rolling their eyes, waiting for me to get my ass in gear.

I’m writing interviews and racking up blog posts for when my book comes out. Soon, the internetZ are going to be sick with me.

I’m trying to mentally prepare for my launch date, my launch party, and women’s week.

I’m squeeing like a little girl whenever I think about the future, but I do it quietly, usually in the shower, so as not to disturb others. ^_^

I made some curtains. My first time. My sewing machine needle broke halfway through one, so I had to continue on by hand.



Now I’m gonna steal some writing time. Shhh. Don’t tell anybody.

Who else has a crippling back ache? Hands?


8 thoughts on “In new house. ZOMG tired

  1. Oy. I’d love to be in a new place except I know when it happens, it will be because we could no longer afford this place. Which I’d hoped to one day be able to turn into dream home extraordinaire. Unless I can land a movie contract, the whole dream home thing seems unlikely and that’s ok. I’m good with being forced to downsize. Just wish I knew when and could get myself motivated to prepare. Sigh. Well, I hope you’re in love with the new digs. Enjoy! And don’t let me anywhere near your sewing device. I’m anathema to such things.

  2. I am woman, fear my sewing machine, darn it! Because I am every woman, including the window dresser and the candle stick maker.

    So glad you’re getting settled into your new home. That is awesome. So many god things happening. By the way, no NaNo for me until November. I’m gonna be stuck in Revision City, trying to make it in the mean streets of Grammatical Error Alley and Adverb Overuse Lane lol!!

  3. Dude! You’re making the rest us look bad. I’ve been in my house ten years and the only room that has curtains is the living room and the “curtains” are an old sheet thrown over the curtain rod. Did I just admit that in public/on the internet? I think I did. Oops. 🙂

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