IWW: Holy shit, it’s a romance

My post yesterday on the Bold Strokes Blog got me thinking about the relationships I’ve written. The first three books I wrote had female main characters, but their love interests were men. Of course, because I’m me, they couldn’t be this:


They had to be more like this:

I love a short man….

They had to be humans + aliens or goblins or…something weird. The only human/human relationships that really shone were, um, this:

Seriously, who else thinks this is hot?

Hmm. My men had the most romantic relationship I’d written so far (and if you think I loved writing “my men”, you’re right). Even though my m/m* romance wasn’t the main plot, they had yeeaarrrnnning. My f/m relationships were loving, but they were also understanding, far more down to earth than my men (my MEN). The guys had that over-the-top, I-must-rescue-him, LUURRVVV that I associate with romance, and I loved writing them. When I left their point-of-views, I couldn’t wait to get back.

That’s when I realized that, holy shit, I wanted to write a romance. But not just any romance.

Someone help me. I can’t stop taking these pics.

Even with that in mind, I didn’t set out to write a ROMANCE. Katya and Starbride’s relationship just kind of took over, becoming as important to the plot as my main adventure. I struggled with that. I associated romance with f/m books that lacked the F/SF** elements I craved. When paranormal romance took off, that didn’t help; I’m drawn to science fiction and traditional fantasy rather than urban fantasy. (Nothing personal, urban fantasy. I like you, but I don’t love you. It’s not you; it’s me. Your heart will heal when you learn to love again, etc.)

It’s not until I discovered SF/F romance that I found where I wanted to be. For such a complicated melding of genres, both need to be given equal footing. My romance had to be as strong as my fantasy adventure and vice versa.

You mean, I could have luurrvvv and also…this:

Un-bendy dolls fight in the fuckin’ back!

And this:

FYI, that matrix move took FOREVER to set up right. You’re welcome.

Kissing scenes AND fighting scenes? Hold me back! And of course, it’s a fantasy, so there are plenty of swords. That means kissing and fighting and STABBING. Somebody catch me…I’m starting to hyperventilate.

When did you fall in love with a certain genre, either reading or writing?

*m/m = male/male, f/m = female/male, f/f = female/female
** F/SF = fantasy/science fiction

6 thoughts on “IWW: Holy shit, it’s a romance

  1. Okay, that matrix move TOTALLY had me. I was like what?? Oh yeah, let me read what she wrote! lol!! But it’s interesting to read your transition from the traditional to what really makes you happy to sit down and write out that story…and you get the best of all the worlds your heart could make up 🙂

  2. Apparently I’m a genre slut because I haven’t fallen in love with any particular genre yet, either as a reader or a writer. But I will say, I love this post (and not just because of the cool matrix move with is AWESOME SAUSAGE) because I’m coming to the same realization about sf/f romance – my current fantasy series has a strong thread of romance running through it, but not romance novel or paranormal romance – not “insta love” with a big alpha male. It’s a quieter, longing kind of love – thought there is some romance novel love, too. And it’s been so weird to write it, because there are so few models to use as an example. My story features a heroine and she doesn’t wield a sword, and she’s not a warror/paladin, etc. etc. She’s not THE HERO. And she doesn’t A HERO to save her. So where does that leave her love wise? It’s uncharted territory as far as I can tell, and a hell of ride figuring it out! 🙂

    • Genre slut is the way to be, Terri. (And I love Awesome Sausage, btw.) Be the slut you want to be, tear through those genres and leave them wanting more. ^_^

      As for your heroine, I think that leaves here where it leaves most of us, since most of us aren’t warriors but also don’t need rescuing.

  3. I love your Barbies ❤ They make me want to bust out with my own Barbies and post pictures. Though I would probably re-enact scenes from Andy Squared… Oh my God… the first kiss scene with Ken dolls? D: I must unearth them!!

    As for when I fell in love with a certain genre…hmm…probably after reading Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams. It was the first book I read that had a male couple in it, and I was only about fifteen. It shocked me, but not in a bad way. It was like hey! There are two men in a relationship, and they are AWESOME! At least that's how I remember it.

    And from then on, my Ken dolls only kissed other Ken dolls.

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