Ups and downs

Wow, what a couple of weeks!

First off, my computer died. Not so much my entire laptop, but my hard drive decided it’s time had come. Luckily, Ross predicted this, so he had a new one waiting. It is now replaced, and life can finally go on.

I could access the internet briefly with the kindness of strangers, but I couldn’t write except for longhand, and that gives me horrible cramps. It was madness, I tell you, madness. Several people told me to think of it as a vacation. Strangely, forced vacation = not fun. I’ve written two short stories since I got my dear laptop back, just because I missed writing that much.

More post-hard drive good news, I got to write the acknowledgments and dedication for The Pyramid Waltz. That was a lot of fun and a lot of trying to remember everyone to thank! I felt like those people at awards shows who just start shouting names and then have to end with, “If I forgot you, I’m sorry.” Luckily, no one was playing me off the stage.

Today I’m going to look at a book launch venue. Soooo exciting. I’ll give you a full report once I’ve finally FINALLY nailed down my location.

Is anyone else doing Nano summer camp this year? I’m gonna try to do it this June, though I have a lot of non-writing tasks to complete. Who’s with me?

Did you have any tragedies these past weeks? Any near misses?


12 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. I’m glad to see you’ve got this up and running so you can write, write, and write some more. I can’t claim any tragedies, though I did miss my goal of finishing my first draft for NEVERLOVE. Not happening in the month of May, but hope to get it done mid-June.
    Can’t wait to hear about your launch venue when you’ve got things nailed down. WOOT!

  2. Alexandria will likely do Nano again this summer, did not know about the summer camp, I will hook her up. Last summer she ended up writing two novels, unpublished of course. But she loves to write and we let her do it until she falls asleep with book and pen in hand. She is a born artist. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I may join her this year, it is time I wrote about my intrepid adventures as the personal assistant to that famous game creator whose name we shall not utter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. WP was giving me grief, so trying again.

    I can’t write in long hand without cramping either.

    I used to hate those periods when I lost my computer, but now I look forward to them. It is a vacation! The only time it’s inconvenient is when I have an editorial deadline.

    At least Ross knew it was coming. I hate those kinds of surprises.

    • Sorry WP is being mean to you, Maria. I tried to see if there were any weird settings, but I couldn’t find any. I might have to wrangle the Ross again. I felt limbless without my computer.

  4. Oooh, I love it when I’m so “on” I can’t stop writing like that. Haven’t been there for awhile, but I’m trying to return. So glad you didn’t lose anything!

  5. Can’t wait to hear about the book launch details, yay! Writing the acknowledgements was EXACTLY like you describe – um…um….I know there’s someone else I’m supposed to thank. Oh crap, my husband. Whoops. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    You might not want to book anything for summer – book production eats up a LOT of time it turns out – edits, cover art, prep for marketing… Yeah. I now no longer have the ability to get to bed before midnight – EVER! #sodamntired LOL!

    On the marketing subject – it’s a given that your book trailer is going to be a recreation of your book’s plot using barbies, right? RIGHT?! That would be untoppable awesomeness! Man, now I want one for my book, too! LOL!

    • I feel you on the tired front, Terri. I can’t wait to completely go through the marketing forum. That’ll probably be next week. *sigh* Barbie trailer sounds like an awesome idea! I’d have to do it so that those who aren’t in the know don’t think my book is actually about Barbies, tho.

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