I swear…

…I am working on a Barbie post.

In the meantime,

Edits are away to my publisher. Now to decide what the hell I’m gonna do until The Pyramid Waltz comes out in September!

Network: I’ve missed talking to my blog buddies as much as I want, and I haven’t been able to click any #FF links on twitter or to take any blog recommendations. Now I can! I’m looking forward to meeting more internet friends. I’m soooo much more awkward in person. I tend to smile really wide in overcompensation. ^_^

Book release party: I’ve got to plan one. Got to figure out how many people might come, book a venue, and then…no clue. Bake some cheese sticks?

Keep writing: Not only do I have to jot down some ideas for what I’m hoping will turn into a series from The Pyramid Waltz, I also want to write some new stuff, just to keep my brain elastic. Maybe something about giant sharks. Or pirates. Or giant shark pirates. Heh. I almost typed pilates. Giant shark pilates might be fun, too.

On a totally unrelated note and since in my day-to-day life I keep flipping from topic to topic here, I heard Huey Lewis and the News’s “Heart of Rock in Roll” in the car, and when he’s singing about LA, I know what he really says, but it sounds like:

“Neon signs and the pretty pretty girls
All dressed so skeptically.”

You’d need sensible walking shoes, in case you have to disprove something in the wilderness. You’d need heavy trousers for wading through weeds. You’d need all sorts of gear for your skeptical tasks, like cameras, meteorological sensors, tape measures and other tools, and an EMF detector in case you’re investigating ghosts. A girl dressed skeptically has to be prepared to disprove anything. ^_^ I didn’t know they were all Scullys in LA.

Everyone else got any news?

7 thoughts on “I swear…

  1. Alright. So get to planning this book launch party 🙂 I want to make my way down from Temple so I have to start making advance plans, you know, the whole making sure the kiddo is secured part forces early planning lol!!!

    No major news for myself, just been happy opening my blog to other indie and traditionally pubbed authors to share about their books. Doing work on NEVERLOVE so I can self-publish it. Gonna take some interesting efforts to make that happen. Hmmm…

    Anywho, can’t wait for the next Barbie post.

  2. What are you drinking? I’ve always heard the word “scantilly” in that song. Of course, maybe that says more about me than I care to tell. 🙂

    Ref: Angela
    Angela is like a ray of sunshine when she walks into a room. I remember liking her immediately when we met.

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