A bit of weirdness

My husband and I took a mini vacation to Houston last week. We booked a room at the ZaZa for a little pampering. Because it was our first time at the hotel, they upgraded us to a ridonkulous suite, I mean 1,260 sq ft of ridonkulous. I call it the Evil Overlord Suite.

Our view of downtown Houston:

I can see Russia from here!

The bay windows in the living room. (Yeah, there was a living room.):

What evil overlords see all the time.

This is the kitchen and the table set for ten. The room was only supposed to sleep six, and they had a no party rule, so I don’t know where the other four people were supposed to come from. Maybe some people get two seats when you’re a rich, evil overlord?

Evil overlords often have to eat alone at a massive table.

Here’s a slightly dark shot of the living room with its massive couch and many chairs. We felt bad that we had so much space, so we made sure to sit in every chair at least once.

Evil overlords like to watch TV from many different angles.

The four poster bed in the master bedroom (yeah, it had two) was actually damned uncomfortable, a complete brick, if I’m honest. I guess evil overlords are able to do what they do only because they punish themselves with awful beds at night. That or evil overlords need lumbar support more than the rest of us.

The evil overlord is gonna be pissed that Ross sat on her bed.

Some random hallway decorations. (Yeah, there was a hallway.)

Little known fact, evil overlords love knick knacks.

The spare bedroom. *snerk*

Evil overlords decorate their spare bedrooms to fool themselves into thinking company is coming.

The study. *sigh* I stole a pen from here:

Faux-zebra-hide desk chairs are an evil overlord must.

All I have left are pics of bathrooms. I was trying to get the scale, but with nothing else but bathroom in the pic, it’s hard to tell. I think you could fit six in the shower, though, but no parties!

I just wanted to share the ridonkulous with you. ^_^ Anything utterly crazy in your lives right now?

12 thoughts on “A bit of weirdness

  1. It’s huge! What were they thinking?

    I like rooms with their own living rooms and kitchens. It’s like a fancy home I don’t have to clean up.

    Ref: …so we made sure to sit in every chair at least once.
    Very logical. 🙂

    Did you ever leave your hotel room?

  2. OMG, they REALLY upgraded you! That’s amazing! I mean, a living room and 2 bedrooms is one thing, but it has a STUDY and hallway too? The hotel must have sensed your inner Evil Overlord and gave you the appropriate rooms. 🙂

  3. How dare I not get an invite!!! Just joking…well, kinda. That room is so awesome…and kind of ridiculous, too. You think they’ll upgrade me if I try to stay there later on in life? I want to live like an Evil Overlord for one night, too =).

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