So much editing! Deadlines fast approaching!! Writing well in hand but pressure leading to heart attack!!!

And breathe.

I’m going off on those OMG deadline tangents a lot lately. Luckily, I’ve got them pretty condensed and can go straight into the breathing much sooner than I could before.

And breathe a little more.

Before I pass out, I have some fabupendous news. (I thought about going for stupenabulous, but that’s more like stupid fabulous. Well…that could work.)

Okay, stupid fabulous, stupendous news. I’m on amazon again! But for my book this time which guarantees I will never ever go away.


The Pyramid Waltz!

Squeeee! It’s very exciting. Go ahead and hit that preorder button, don’t be shy! ^_^ I’m sure the cover art will be up as soon as publication time gets closer. (It’s not until September.)

So, who’s coming to my book launch party in Austin? You’re all invited!



  1. Oh that is just AWESOME!!!

    Groups Squee!!!

    So when is your book launch party? With the right planning, I can see about making my way down there. Austin isn’t that far from Temple. 🙂

  2. How did I miss that you had a book coming out??? ::group jumping-hug:: squeee!!! Congrats! Would love to come to Austin for a party – ain’t been down thataways in a dog’s age (since I was six 🙂 ) – but I don’t know that it’s in the cards. Have a virtual component – do a live google+ hangout at your party then all us “far awayers” can come, too! (thinking about doing that at my release party).

  3. I coming to your BOOK LAUNCH. Just tell me where and when. I will be there!
    If you didn’t hear my cheers from the crowd…. Congratulations!!!!

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