IWW: It ain’t always easy

Perhaps you’ve seen this in stores?

It’s a firefighter and police officer, though I use those terms loosely. (Where ARE the sparkly-skirted police officers?) The separation of the pants is supposed to convince you that you’re getting more for your buck. But as it comes, it looks like you’re getting the saucy firefighter:

"Who's first to be rescued, lovahs?"

And the short and sparkly skirted police officer,

"Perpetually bendy arm would be great if I had a gun!"

who’s probably chasing this woman:


Best money I ever spent.

Halloween 2011

I really like the Barbie “I can do…” series, but they’re cutting a lot of corners here. Taekwondo Barbie is pretty complete. She even comes with accessories.

"Come at me, and it'll take a surgeon to remove this water bottle from your ass."

The diver, however, lacks some essential gear.

"The mask and weight belt are all I need, right?"

And the astronaut is a little shortsighted.

"Kiss my ass, radiation."

It’s a race to see what kills her first.

For firefighter Barbie, even if I put the Mardi Gras pants on her, she still looks like a bad costume.

Is anyone else seeing Michael Jackson circa Thriller?

Belly shirt, pleather coat, and culottes. I’m pretty sure all firefighters wear this. Or at least, the sexy ones do.

At least there’s paleontologist Barbie. She’s pretty complete.


Still with action culottes, but what are ya gonna do?

Whose with me for Halloween 2012? I call sexy firefighter! I hate pants anyway.

6 thoughts on “IWW: It ain’t always easy

  1. I call sparkly skirt police officer Barbie. Everything else would just make me look like I love sharing muffing tops, take joy in resembling a blue helium balloon with mask and belt or just plain got drunk off my rocker and thought I could actually go shirtless – this last one could still happen at some point in my lifetime but I hope I don’t remember it lol!!

    • I’ve seen that one. All this series is hard to find in stores. I found paleo Barbie hiding behind several brides and princesses. A girl can’t have a romance AND a career these days. ^_^

  2. LOL, this post! I had no idea they made a paleontologist Barbie! That’s kind of super-amazing, especially since she didn’t go the way of Firefighter Barbie. What’s with the no-pants?! I feel like that’s sort of ESSENTIAL for…fighting fires? Haha.

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