OMG you guys…

I just had a little girl nerdgasm. Ew, that sounded better in my head…

Sparkly bones.....drool

Yep, that is a paleontologist Barbie, complete with sparkly dino bones.
>_< Squeee!
And with her, I got an astronaut suit, diving gear and a karate gi. Seriously, I'm hyperventilating right now. We're gonna have some dinosaur diggin', underwater moon-base, Taekwondo adventures, people. Saddle up.

And I almost had a breakdown in the store when I saw this:

The bottom half of the box was covered up when I first saw it, so I thought they were a lesbian set, sold together. I was about to cry tears of joy, but alas. Still, in my imagination, they’re about to walk down the aisle together.

I’m so deep in edit land, I can only pause to say hello and eat ice cream. Even though it’s hard, I’m very happy, y’all. I’m in love with the world.

What’s making you happy this week? Let’s look on the bright side. And Maria, I don’t know if wordpress is still blocking you. I couldn’t find any settings or anything to change, but I feel your good wishes, and I’m sending some your way. ^_^


14 thoughts on “OMG you guys…

  1. Congratulations on your little girl nerdgasm, so much better than a big girl one!LOL

    I love Barbie’s but think they look much better on the store shelves now than they ever looked when I was growing up, of course my doll’s were hand-me-downs from a cousin and not only did I not take care of them but they are long lost years ago (and not really missed to tell the truth, I preferred my books even back then).

  2. It’s just great that Barbie gets to set an example of women doing more than standing in a pencil skirt and high heeled pumps while pushing a vacuum. She does more. And though my daughter is more into cars and superhero action figures, I can say that I’d be okay with getting her a “doing more things” Barbie.

    Keep it up in editland. Glad you got that ice cream. Have to have a little time for ice cream 🙂

  3. I heard somewhere that they were thinking of doing a Hunger Games Barbie. They’d make a killing.

    Ref: comment block
    I am willing to bet this comment will go through. Why? Because I returned the NEW computer after it shut down on me for the seventh time.

    I’m on my old machine. Crossing fingers and saying prayers.

  4. Very funny. I can’t wait to see a Hunger Games Barbie with dark hair/eyes and olive skin! LOL

    M, no wonder I haven’t heard from you!! Gads, I’d be kicking each one of your so-called “tech guys” up the damn wazoo if they screwed me around like this! Once again, I’m frustrated that I live so far away or I’d help you out. Aaargh!

    (Sorry for using your blog as a conduit to M, Barbara.)

  5. It’s because I logged in for the first time using my WordPress/Gravatar account, B. It made machine-sense, even if it didn’t make human-sense. And thanks for being the Maria-universe conduit…a puppy is getting tummy rubs somewhere due to your generosity. 🙂

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