Edits almost done and the return of the return of the blurgh

The blurgh laid me low again yesterday, this time with a fever. Some days I’m fine, some nearly fine and well, yesterday, full on blurgh. It’s like my sinuses are just feeling me out, deciding how much they can get away with. In defiance, I worked from bed yesterday. You may take my balance, blurgh, but you will never take my mouse-hand!

Going well in edit-land. I’m putting in some plot points now that we’re quite wrapped up earlier. Then I smooth the rough edges and put in description where I need it most. I always do description last. I find it keeps me from over describing and using the same descriptive phrases more than once.

Who’s with me? What do you do last in your editing process? (Besides general clean-up and tightening, I mean. Everyone does those on each go through, or so I imagine.) And with this cooky world-wide weather, how is everyone else feeling? Does the whole world have the blurgh?


4 thoughts on “Edits almost done and the return of the return of the blurgh

  1. I think there are various versions of the blurgh making the rounds all over. Stormy weather in the Central Texas area has all kinds of things in the air, tempting sinuses, challenging allergies and taking down various people who didn’t dress right for the wet weather.

    As for editing, I have to admit I don’t have a system beyond working page by page. This is probably something I should consider because a system would probably improve my editing process.

    I hope you’re able to take that blurgh and tell them to shove it. But I do love the fact that you’re doing what you can even though the blurgh is trying to duck and dodge and attack you zig-zag style.

  2. As I write, I tend to put in the big “set piece” scenes first. Then I go back and add the connector scenes, getting the characters from one place to the next. Finally I go in, smooth out the language and add description (I don’t do that last for the very sensible reasons you do – it’s just that I’m terrible at it and tend to overlook descriptions as I write! šŸ™‚ ). After I have a finished draft and it’s time for the actual editing stage I first go through and make all the changes my crit partners have suggested (I get crits as I go/draft but save them to the end). Then it’s the fine-tune editing – typos, reading it out loud looking for stiff dialog or awkward sentences, etc.

    • I tend to overlook them, too, Terri. Sometimes, my characters have adventures in a white void. I like the way you’ve broken down your editing into small stages. I think it’s what trips a lot of people up.

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