IWW: The Merge

(For reasons known only to Cthulhu, captions aren’t working right on WordPress, so you’ll find the captions to the pics centered below them. I know that’s what you’re really here for… ^_^)

So, when we left them, my hero and villain were beginning an Akira-type merge, two women with different skill sets destined to become one great big woman of awesome proportions. There was only one problem. Without two opposites, I had no story. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to make pretend trips to the mall.

Enter Villain Ken. and his knick-knack podium!

“And girls can’t have any candy and they always have to wear dresses!”
“It’s gonna get pretty hard in here for a ninja in a dress.”

The pressure I felt as a little girl was leaking into my fiction like a tide of poisoned jam. What choice did I have but to rebel? Luckily, Hero and Villain Barbie had equal parts brawn, brains and sparkly shirts.

“This panda is actually a bomb.”

“How will we hit him?”
“It’s programmable‚Ķ.cock seeking.”

“You don’t have any.”

It was my first real taste of rebellion as a storyline. The Kens of the world were in charge, and in my Barbie universe, I could do something about that.

“Comin’ at you, bro!”

Instead of confronting villainy head-on and fighting to the bitter end over pits of crocodiles, my heroines had to stick and move.

“How many of those things do you have?”
“It’s the same one. Pandas are immune to their own explosions.”

La Revolution had begun.

Tell me stories of childhood rebellion, kids. When did you feel under the thumb of tyranny? Like bedtimes. Ah, childhood tyranny.

(p.s. If you came here looking for the Industrial Workers of the World, yeah sorry, that’s not me. Verrrrry confused farmers.)

4 thoughts on “IWW: The Merge

  1. Wow, farmers huh? And yes, I’ve been anxious to see both Barbies and Ken again lol!!!

    As for childhood rebellion, about the only rebellious thing I managed to do was sneak into the hallway and watch a Freddy Kruegger movie when I wasn’t supposed to because I was too young. Just a kid.


    I shouldn’t have done that. I spent endless nights thinking that the stretch marks that eventually showed up on my growing body were remnants from Freddy attacking me in my dreams.

    Bad, overactive imagination.

  2. I wasn’t very rebellious – I have terrible luck, I always got caught if I put a toe out of line. But ONCE, just once, I rebelled and got away with it! My senior year of high school my friend and I drove to Boston (from 2 hours away in a very rural place in NH). It was our first time driving so far and definately our first time in a BIG city. We didn’t tell anyone where we had gone, we just got in the car and drove. We got totally lost, totally scared by Boston traffic, and were totally exaltant that we had survived. We were late getting home and I lied and told my mother the car had gotten a flat tire and that’s why I was late. I never did tell her about that little expedition! LOL!

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