OMG you guys…

I just had a little girl nerdgasm. Ew, that sounded better in my head…

Sparkly bones.....drool

Yep, that is a paleontologist Barbie, complete with sparkly dino bones.
>_< Squeee!
And with her, I got an astronaut suit, diving gear and a karate gi. Seriously, I'm hyperventilating right now. We're gonna have some dinosaur diggin', underwater moon-base, Taekwondo adventures, people. Saddle up.

And I almost had a breakdown in the store when I saw this:

The bottom half of the box was covered up when I first saw it, so I thought they were a lesbian set, sold together. I was about to cry tears of joy, but alas. Still, in my imagination, they’re about to walk down the aisle together.

I’m so deep in edit land, I can only pause to say hello and eat ice cream. Even though it’s hard, I’m very happy, y’all. I’m in love with the world.

What’s making you happy this week? Let’s look on the bright side. And Maria, I don’t know if wordpress is still blocking you. I couldn’t find any settings or anything to change, but I feel your good wishes, and I’m sending some your way. ^_^


Edits almost done and the return of the return of the blurgh

The blurgh laid me low again yesterday, this time with a fever. Some days I’m fine, some nearly fine and well, yesterday, full on blurgh. It’s like my sinuses are just feeling me out, deciding how much they can get away with. In defiance, I worked from bed yesterday. You may take my balance, blurgh, but you will never take my mouse-hand!

Going well in edit-land. I’m putting in some plot points now that we’re quite wrapped up earlier. Then I smooth the rough edges and put in description where I need it most. I always do description last. I find it keeps me from over describing and using the same descriptive phrases more than once.

Who’s with me? What do you do last in your editing process? (Besides general clean-up and tightening, I mean. Everyone does those on each go through, or so I imagine.) And with this cooky world-wide weather, how is everyone else feeling? Does the whole world have the blurgh?

IWW: The Merge

(For reasons known only to Cthulhu, captions aren’t working right on WordPress, so you’ll find the captions to the pics centered below them. I know that’s what you’re really here for… ^_^)

So, when we left them, my hero and villain were beginning an Akira-type merge, two women with different skill sets destined to become one great big woman of awesome proportions. There was only one problem. Without two opposites, I had no story. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to make pretend trips to the mall.

Enter Villain Ken. and his knick-knack podium!

“And girls can’t have any candy and they always have to wear dresses!”
“It’s gonna get pretty hard in here for a ninja in a dress.”

The pressure I felt as a little girl was leaking into my fiction like a tide of poisoned jam. What choice did I have but to rebel? Luckily, Hero and Villain Barbie had equal parts brawn, brains and sparkly shirts.

“This panda is actually a bomb.”

“How will we hit him?”
“It’s programmable‚Ķ.cock seeking.”

“You don’t have any.”

It was my first real taste of rebellion as a storyline. The Kens of the world were in charge, and in my Barbie universe, I could do something about that.

“Comin’ at you, bro!”

Instead of confronting villainy head-on and fighting to the bitter end over pits of crocodiles, my heroines had to stick and move.

“How many of those things do you have?”
“It’s the same one. Pandas are immune to their own explosions.”

La Revolution had begun.

Tell me stories of childhood rebellion, kids. When did you feel under the thumb of tyranny? Like bedtimes. Ah, childhood tyranny.

(p.s. If you came here looking for the Industrial Workers of the World, yeah sorry, that’s not me. Verrrrry confused farmers.)

Really? Still with the blurgh?

I kinda disappeared on ya last week. Sorry about that. In the midst of my awakening cold, I went to San Diego for a bachelorette party! We went to the zoo, hung out with some friends, went clubbing (ha!) and had an all around awesome time.

I ha at the clubbing because I’ve never been and let’s just say, I left it a bit late. It did remind me how happy I am to be married, though. ^_^

I had really hoped to have another IWW post done by now, but the cold that I held off for most of the trip hit me like a brick upon my return, and I’m only just now feeling good enough to get out of bed. I’m sure I left some fun comments on some of your blogs in the midst of my Nyquil induced coma. I swear I’ll have another IWW post soon, as soon as I can drag my butt up the stairs to my special Barbie photo studio. (Otherwise known as the spare bedroom closet!)

To help you along, here are some of the goodies I acquired on my trip or just before.

Very sparkly purse!

In the sunlight, I can blind muggers!

It’s more clutch size than handbag size, but you’d be amazed what I can cram in there. Um, never mind that.

San Diego had an awesome pen/paper store, where I got the following pens, erasers and sparkly paper! (Aren’t the exclamation points making you excited?!?!!!) !

If I had a sense of smell at the moment...

No idea what I'll use this for...

The pens and erasers will join the enormous flock of office supplies on my desk (which come in flocks) and the paper… Well, maybe I’ll find some Barbie use for it. Paper garments? Backdrops? Panda regalia? The possibilities are…nowhere near endless. There are pretty much just three.

Here’s a close up of the pencils and erasers.

Double Yummy!

OMG, you guys. Milk scented!

I expected these to smell awful, and some of them do, but the grape ones are right on. Now I just have to figure out why they’re all in milk containers… And the milk one smells as bad as you think it does. Trust me.

So, what’s been going on in the healthy world? Does on even exist anymore?