The trollest of them all

You guys, what bliss!

I almost had NOTHING to blog about today. My next IWW post won’t be ready until next week, but I felt the need to say something, as I do every Wednesday. I’m hip deep in edits and thought I would have to redirect you to more interesting things when lo, I get an email from Letty herself!

Quoth the Letty:

“You are the reason I joined another group…I doubt you REALLY HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT UNLESS IT IS SELF PUBLISHED.
You need to get an honest opinion of your writing. You already have mine.”

Oh, you darling flirt. What acts of charitable kindness did I do to deserve you? I despaired, oh Letty, and down you dropped like a troll-scented angel from Topic Heaven. (Which was next door to Hot Topic in the mall.)

Look how kind you are, trying to assuage my guilt for helping you get tossed from your group by hinting that you left of your own accord. And that you joined a group because of me!!! Did they remind you of me somehow, and you couldn’t stay away?

You’re still a teensy bit confused about the book, though. It’s coming September 18th from Bold Strokes Books. (I never just want to throw the link up, but since you asked so nicely…) And thank you for your honest opinion about my writing. I clearly remember you saying how much you loved it. You’re such a dear.

Ah, now I feel better. A topic and a lovely conversation with my dear Letty. Anyone else have a wonderful yet unexpected email today?

14 thoughts on “The trollest of them all

  1. I must be doing something wrong. The only trolls I get are losers who want to *know* me better. :eye roll:

    What the heck did you do to her to garner so much attention? LOL.

    I did get an unexpected email today though. My friend wrote to tell me she didn’t have cancer. I’ve been doing the happy dance all day.

    • That’s awesome news about your friend, Maria!

      As for my troll, would you believe I didn’t actually do anything? I was peripheral to the situation, but she’s latched onto me for who knows what reason.

  2. Y’know, that Letty – what a card! She’s such a precious… I’m sorry – wrong word. She’s such a pretentious little bundle of klusterphuque that I just want to hold her in my arms and bite through her skull!

  3. Oh now I’m jealous! Are you sure you didn’t go to some special sign-up page to get a “Letty”? Maybe you can hire her out so that those of us bereft of such merriment can also join in. It doesn’t seem fair otherwise!

  4. Oh, Letty. You flag-waving Barbara enthusiast… it’s a good thing you have a right to free speech, or I might be inclined to…


    …give you a hug. With my boots. Right at your kneecaps. Awww, snuggles!


  5. Laugh if you will, but as I know who “Letty” is, I find her behavior disturbing. It’s very similar to the pattern of behavior that led to Letty’s dismissal from the group. I find it sad and more than a tad creepy that and a middle-aged adult would engage in trolling at all, and especially more than two months after the incident. Letty continues to lash out at those who had no involvement in the original complaints, writes false and baseless accusations and has now provided the grounds for a suit of Libel. (There more that you may not be aware of…) I’m weighing my options. Oh, forgot to add – Letty still visits the group sites every now and then.
    Very creepy, indeed.

    How can we miss Letty if she won’t go away?

    • I agree that it’s creepy, Mike, but I also love a good laugh. I’m sorry it’s hitting closer to home for you. If you do decide to sue, I wish you luck. I wish she’d go away, too. It’s been fun, but it’s becoming tiresome.

      And really, besides one of my long-ago posts, I don’t even think she reads my blog.

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