Quickie part a million

Just a quick post to tell you I’m still here. I’m working on another IWW (I Write Women) post for Friday with more battlin’ Barbies.

In the meantime, I’ve heard from my troll again. Letty said, “Methinks Barbra has bo idea what she is talking about.”

Where do I begin? With who uses methinks? With the misspelling of not only my name (which is in the banner) but the word no? Seriously, Letty, I’m losin respect for ya here.

OMG, aren’t we all busy right now with one thing or another? I haven’t met one person who doesn’t feel run off her feet. And how many people think we’re absolutely going to die this summer because it’s so mild right now? Maybe we’ll freeze, instead.

You’re not so busy you can’t leave me a line or two of comments, right? Tell me what you’ve got going on.

15 thoughts on “Quickie part a million

  1. I totally agree, since before Halloween there have not been enough hours in the day! We have a riding lawnmower now so thank you Central Texas but my yard needs mowing due to mild temps and lots of blessed moisture from on high every week. Prior to two weeks ago we did small sections of our acre with a 20 inch push mower, which did not work well because for every section you mowed the one prior to it needed mowing 2 days later the stuff grows so fast with all the sun.

    We also have a nice big garden tiller and a nice big garden plot to go with it. My husband is in planting mode so for the third weekend in a row he will be on his knees making raised beds for his next session, unless I get my way and we go see One For The Money.

    Feels good to be busy though, the dreary days when not able to be outside were driving us all bikers including the housepets!

  2. You’re right, busy busy! I have one manuscript with my Developmental Editor and have completed the synopsis for BALANCE OF TERROR, the sequel to my Carina release, IN ENEMY HANDS.

    Sorry about the writing-only news, but the house can fall to rack and ruin for the next few weeks as far as I’m concerned! LOL

  3. Trolls seem to abound. I must admit that I’ve had the few and far between moment of using methinks, but for the medieval tone it strikes πŸ™‚

    Busy seems an understatement, but quite on point. It’s the beginning of the year. Dreams being slapped on new slates to hope for the best and those of us trudging along still, well, trudging along lol!

    Can’t wait for more battling Barbies! Woot! Bring it on.

  4. Lots going on here, too. For the moment, though, I’m happy with the busyness–most of it’s stuff I enjoy doing! The weather puts me in the mood for Spring cleaning and yard work, but I’m refusing to give in to those urges. I’m doing some journaling and trying to get back into blogging after letting it stagnate for several weeks. Might even work on my novel again soon…

  5. BOO about your troll. Anyway, yes! I’m still so busy! I have no idea where January went, and I’m wondering if this is ever going to let up! Ahem. Nothing too new otherwise. Working out some story kinks, doing a critique.

    Also, I came to your blog and thought I was at the wrong place. Did you change your layout? It’s nice, although the dolls are a little creepy. But I find most dolls creepy. πŸ˜› Happy weekend!

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