A deep and abiding love

That’s what I have for all of you. For all 200+ people who visited my blog, the handful who left comments, and the ones who wrote to me personally, thank you.

I almost burst into tears I don’t know how many times. I was so jittery and emotional that I took a two-hour walk and then became a compulsive tidier for a few hours more. But I feel lighter. I hope some of you do, too, and I hope you know you’re not alone.

My writing’s really heating up right now. Soon enough, I’ll be able to tell you why. ^_^ I hope some of you will join me writing today or tonight. Or if you’re overseas and will actually be reading this the day after I wrote it, I’ll be writing with you in some weird space/time paradox.

Are you busy busy busy right now? Seems like most people I meet are rushed to the max. Here’s to hoping you have some breathing room!


6 thoughts on “A deep and abiding love

  1. (((Big Hugs!))

    Glad you’ve got the writing going. I’m trying to squeeze in what I can when I can. Not a whole lot, but I’m making progress.

    WOOT to progress for all writers!

  2. Things have been so busy! I wish it was more writing-related busy, but it’s more like work busy. I hope it slows down soon. Haha.

    In any case, I read your last post and wanted to say it was lovely and inspiring. Thanks for posting that! Congrats on your writing!

  3. We were away visiting family for a couple weeks over the Christmas break. The day you wrote this was my hubby’s birthday and I had just begun to move into my New Year’s routine of home, family and writing when his brother suddenly passed away. So everything is thrown into turmoil again as we make arrangements to travel across Canada for a memorial service and more precious family time.

    Looking forward to when our life settles down again, and also to hearing your *news*. Wishing you many blessings in 2012!

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