Post-holiday blurgh

I think we all have the blurgh right now in the US. Holidays are mostly over. We’re really tired of people clogging all the stores and movie theaters, and we ate entirely too much candy.

Or maybe that’s just me.

I have a gripe today about ordering online. I got most of my husband’s presents from Thinkgeek, with their handy dandy ordering system. I’ve never had a problem before. Now, I shall never be ordering from them again.

The items I ordered came in a box much too large for them. The one strip of inflatable packing pads seemed to have been thrown into the top rather than wrapped over anything. I know this because it was close enough to the opening to get caught in the tape. It stayed in place while everything else rolled around in the box.

So, all the packaging for my items looked as if it had been through the war. Several packages had come open and one item was broken. When I called Thinkgeek, they apologized sure, but also tried to calm me down with, “This is the holidays, and we’re very busy.” I know what time of year it is, and you didn’t just cut corners, you cut off whole sides!

To make matters worse, they promised a replacement of the broken object, but instead of doing that, they refunded my money without even telling me. I didn’t know the replacement wasn’t coming until I checked my statement. I had to run out for a replacement gift on Dec 23rd when I’d already done my shopping well in advance.

I’m well and truly irked. And I’m going to show my irk by never shopping there again.

I know this is a small problem in the world we live in today. It also happens to be a problem I can do something about by telling everyone.

Other than that, I had a safe and happy holiday. I hope you did, too.

Anything giving you the holiday grumbles?

p.s. to Maria. I’m so glad your puppy is doing better!


8 thoughts on “Post-holiday blurgh

  1. I’m actually on holiday for the next couple of weeks. Can you tell? 😉

    Oh yeah, we gave up on ThinkGeek a while ago. There was the strangely ineffective over-packing, as you pointed out, plus the incredibly expensive shipping. We just gave up. Thankfully J has found a couple of geek shops in Singers, so we get our toys from there now. Best of luck finding a replacement.

    (And that trick with the refund? That’s bad BAD customer service. I’ve had a couple of Malaysian merchants pull that one on me when they couldn’t be bothered fulfilling an order. To my mind, it’s their way of telling you to shut up.)

  2. I wonder if this is something you can send to the guy that runs Penny Arcade, a blog like thing run by this guy named Mike…geesh, sorry I don’t know more. But it deals with tech stuff. I’m sorry you got the wish-wash from the company.

    Now that we’re getting to the new year, there’s another place that’s going to flood over with people. After all the turkey, ham, dressing, carb overload and alcohol happiness, the gym is the next overcrowded victim joint. I’ll avoid it til the New Year’s resolutions glow wears off of people.

  3. I don’t blame you getting mad. The best you can do is report them to watch dog groups and give them a little bad press for their bad service. At least you might save someone else.

    Ref: Murray
    Thank you! He is so adorable now that he’s feeling better.

  4. We’ve had the same issues with ThinkGeek in the past. Once my brother got a sticker — ONE STICKER — packed in a giant microwave-sized box. He complained. He sent news to The Consumerist. Many people lamented having similar issues. But… alas, ThinkGeek is too large a site and has too many cool things to be brought down. 😦 Here’s the link to where it appeared: …the funny thing is, a ThinkGeek employee responded nicely in the comments making fun of themselves and apologizing… but clearly they didn’t bother to actually FIX the problem… and this was two years ago!!!

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