My first troll and I’m voted the worst :)

We’re celebrating twice today in Barbara-land, friends! I’ve got my very first troll. It’s not a proper troll, though, as those seem to be anonymous people determined to get a rise out of you for no particular reason.

I think I know this troll, though it wants to be anonymous. (It left me a very fake name.) In aid of that anonymity, we’ll call her Letitia, Letty for short.

Letty left me a comment on my blog after being booted from her writing group. Somehow, she decided I should be the receiver of her ire. Quoth Letty:

“Just a note. The wrting group was not impressed by you or your critiques. One of them was voted by another goup as the worst they had ever seen.”

Ow, ouch. After being voted out of her group, Letty tells me they voted me the worst first. Noooo! Now I’m wondering how often this happens. Does the grocery store vote me the worst shopper? Did my waitress the other night vote me the worst diner? I’m wracked with concern!

Letty’s comment was left on a post several months old in response to one of my posts about prologues. I didn’t approve her comment, so Letty left me another:

“you’re a writer who censors?”

She clearly wasn’t happy I didn’t approve her comment. I’m happy to have a discussion with anyone. If I say, “I don’t like prologues,” and someone else likes them, they can leave me a comment, and I’m more than happy to discuss prologues with them all day long. There is no way I’m approving attacks, though, from this troll or any other. There’s no reason to put up with that shit on my blog. If Letty wants to badmouth me, she can do it on her own blog.

I admit, I’m poking the bear a bit here. I have no idea if Letty will ever see this or if I’ll be setting off another tempest in a teacup by posting this. I just wanted to get this out there, to see how people feel about this sort of behavior and see how they respond or deal with it. I could have just ignored Letty. In fact, in the beginning, I planned to. Then I realized, why shouldn’t I call attention to this childish behavior and make fun of it?

Leave me a note and tell me what you think. If you don’t, I might just vote you the worst commenter. Unless you vote me the worst blogger! Nooooooooo!

24 thoughts on “My first troll and I’m voted the worst :)

  1. Barbara,

    Fake names giveth an uncanny boldness, creating monsters of the best of us.

    That said, my advice is the same two words I tell my daughter in regards to the petty drama of high school: don’t engage.

    Hugs and best luck with your troll.

  2. #1 My blog, my rules. I’ll censor any damn thing I want.

    #2 Be civil, or you get the boot.

    I have to wonder why she thought it was so important to share that information with you. What purpose did that serve aside from open contempt?

  3. Oh…It’s official. This poor attempt at trying to bring you down is just sad and may be a sign of something big on the horizon…you know, to prepare you for what’s to come.

    Haterade is usually stirred and shared by people who wish they could be like the person they’re hating on.

  4. Hey Barb! I think this type of behavior is unacceptable for anyone who isn’t an underdeveloped five year old. In fact, I wouldn’t accept this from my five year old niece. I’ve been getting critiques from you for year, and I’m here to attest that you always are very professional, kind and thorough with them – a steller critique partner in my eyes =).

    This person is obviously very unhappy…with life, with themselves, with their own abilities.

  5. You’re the worst at being the worst! Because you’re the best!! get it? I’m clever and snarky! Also, i love that you posted about the troll. Why should this person get all the power to be annoying and you have to “take it”? no way man. Lets trace the IP address and gummi bear her car.

    Just kidding….I dont do that. Anymore, anyway.

  6. Sorry about the troll, but like someone else already said, your blog, your rules. That aside, the comment itself was an attack with nothing at all conducive to actual discussion, which makes it spam. Block them to your heart’s content. 🙂

  7. I think I know of this troll of which you speak. One would think that with as busy a life as Letty claims to have – all of those other groups she runs or is involved in – trolling would be the last thing she would have time for, or even interest in. Alas, Letty seems to handle it by allotting time to each of her multiple personalities, so as to have us all experience Death by a Thousand Emails (or in your case, by a Thousand Snipes).

    Clearly, the behavior exhibited is evidence of the reasons why Letty is no longer welcome in at least one writing group. Perhaps other groups will be encouraged by the positive actions of one, and at least put him on notice.

    So sorry you were dragged into this,

      • Ah! The sweet Karma of revenge!
        I wonder when (or if) Letty will learn that childish behavior coming from an adult is always a bad way to go.

        Congrats on the blog stats!


  8. Oh, trolls… your blog, your rules. Period. And I don’t think it’s necessarily censorship if you refuse to post personal attacks. It’s more like… stopping the negativity halfway. Logical, thoughtful disagreements are something else entirely.

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