The after Thanksgiving wind-down wind-up

It’s so hard to get my brain off vacation, to dig it out of a turkey-induced coma and back to freakin’ work! We’re not even into December yet, and it’s looking like a busy busy time. Everyone’s scrambling to get things done before the end of the year. Companies are looking to spend those last budget dollars, so all the independent contractors like my husband are set on “Go.”

I’m trying to push full-steam ahead on my editing. The end of the year is such a milestone, and I want to be hip-deep in edits by the time it gets here, letting that burst of energy around New Year’s carry me through the middle of the book all the way to the end. There’s just Christmas in the way.

Oh, crap! Presents, decorating, holiday parties! When you’re looking at a busy year, you forget these things are fun. Right now all my friends and family are in danger of getting pens for Christmas just because I have writing on my mind. I guess if they don’t like the pens, they can always give them back…

In case you missed it yesterday, I did an interview on Tracy S. Morris’s blog! If you haven’t seen it yet, please drop by and say hello.

I felt crazy last week and decided to walk as far as I could in my enormous neighborhood. I ended up with six miles under my shoes by the time I was done, and took this to mark the occasion:

The end of the sidewalk. Past this was the entrance ramp to the freeway. Good thing I stopped.

How is your December looking? Do you even bother with any kind of holiday, or is it just another month?


8 thoughts on “The after Thanksgiving wind-down wind-up

  1. The song should go, “It’s the most busy-mess time of the year!” lol!!

    Yeah, stepping back into the writing and editing mode can be a little tough. Thankfully, I’ve got the Christmas tree up. Now to the presents. Yikes!

  2. My December is looking very crazy between write-in’s, holiday parties, and other celebrations. I’m just hoping that I get back on my productivity schedule soon so I can finish the first draft of this new book =).

  3. The end of the year is always crazy. I still can’t believe it’s December. I just realized I more or less have to get all my Christmas shopping done this weekend because I think most of the parties/gatherings are happening the week after. And on top of that, I don’t even know if my local mall will be open this weekend because my entire local area is suffering from a power outage.

    I’m kind of stressed, but also excited because I do love the holidays. They’re just crazy-making too! Haha.

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